Coloring manga scans: a mega-guide

Parting words (hey, I promised!)

Well, that's about it from me at the moment. I've surely skipped explaining something here, so if you catch any mistakes or would want me to explain something more or add images or anything at all, drop a line. No, really, I won't bite. My apologies for getting this out so late, the images took a while to make c: Comments and critique are welcome and very appreciated! And feel free to share your colored images, I'd love to see them c:

Examples of colorizations done by me:
Hisho no Territory (warning: BL)
Kirai ja nai Kedo (used here)
Sex Therapist (used here)
Shitsuji wa Oose no Mama ni (warning: yaoi)

Related tutorials:
Basic scan cleaning
Advanced scan cleaning
Icon tutorial: comic book coloring - coloring applied to an example, though not described in as much detail as here
Making icons: what to keep in mind - detailed description of filters, blending modes and effects, with pictures!
Basic Lighting Tutorial by Alenas

Image credits:

Step 2
Cleaning the scan: Kirai ja nai Kedo (SAKURAGA Mei)
2.1 Levels comparison: Tokyo Crazy Paradise (YOSHIKI Nakamura)
2.1 Sharp/blur filters comparison: Alichino (SHUREI Kouyu)
2.2 Reconstruction comparison: Kyou Koi wo Hajimemasu (MINAMI Kanan) [scan], Cosplay Animal (SAKOU Watari) [scan], Sensei to Watashi (MINASE Ai) [scan]

Step 3
3.3.2 Time of day comparison: Hisui no Shizuku Hiiro no Kakera 2 (KAZUKI Yone)[scan], Mobile Suit Gundam SEED [scan], Simosi [scan], Goto-P [scan], 5 Centimeters Per Second [scan], Fate/Stay Night [scan]
3.3.2 Source of light comparison: Noir [scan], Tales of Xillia [scan], Nishida [scan], Mikeou [scan], Asanagi no Aquanauts [scan], Evangelion [scan]
3.4 Blending mode highlights comparison: Private Magician (TAKASHIMA Kazusa)
Optional step: Kirai ja nai Kedo (SAKURAGA Mei)

Step 4
Mistakes comparison: Heaven!! (SEINO Shizuru), Private Magician (TAKASHIMA Kazusa), Sex Therapist (KODAKA Kazuma)