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The commenters
And oh boy, do I have a bone to pick with this year's female commenter, Gianina Corondan. For some context, she's a TV star who used to host her own show and appear on others quite a lot of years ago; nowadays she isn't exactly famous and appears very rarely on "mainstream" TV station shows. Personally, I had no opinion about her, save for a little nostalgia - didn't love or hate her, that is. But all this changed tonight.

My god, not even in high school have I heard such mean, hateful, ignorant and catty comments.

As a host, you cannot go on air and say things such as "Are there any Romanians in Azerbaijan? 'Cause I want to know if we're gonna get any points from there" and many more of the same kind. First off, you know things are really sad when you have to resort to counting the people in a country to see how many votes you can mooch. And honestly, the entry for Romania was shit. And had I voted, I wouldn't have given it one of my 20 votes because it clearly didn't deserve it, for reasons I ranted about before.

Then came personal attacks, such as "the Greek girl looks like Ricky Martin"* or "[the Italian contestant]'s dress looks like tin foil". Or "Botox doesn't prevent you from singing" and "the Botox is preventing her from laughing with her entire mouth" (both regarding the contestant from Azerbaijan). From what I could tell, the latter was a nice girl with an amazing voice, so why the bitchy attitude? And the Italian woman had a great voice as well and I really liked her song and overall performance.

They're all entertainers and chose their clothes because they thought those clothes would fit the look they were aiming for, and commenting on their appearance...why is that relevant to a song contest? Sure, it's a show and the commenters need to keep people entertained with some jokes here and there, but that's taking it too far AFAICS. The male commenter was...OK, nothing special, at least he had the decency to change the subject whenever Gianina would verbally misstep.

* not saying RM isn't good looking, but Gianina was obviously trying to say the woman looked like a man

Bottom line(s)?
Begging for points will not make a shitty song good.
Bitching about not getting points and saying your country is the best (and the others are dirt) makes you look like a thumb-sucking idiot.
Promoting a band just because you're from the same country is a mentality that needs to die.
Picking on contestants' looks and clothes in a mean way makes you a bitch.
Presenting your opinions as fact makes you a self-centered bitch.
Being a bitch does not make you appear witty or charming.

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