Eurovision 2012 chronicles

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Hungary - "Sound of Our Hearts"
IMO this is one of those songs that would sound better in a recording studio than live. Sure, the lead singer was a bit nervous and kinda gasped for air at some points, but the song grew on me by the time EV was over. Reminded me a bit of Coldplay, too.

France - "Echo (You and I)
What I liked about this was the lead singer's voice - I wouldn't normally like it (it's quite unconventional, compared to what you see on the pop scene nowadays), but it somehow worked here. And I loved the veil routine near the end!

Italy - "L'Amore È Femmina (Out of Love)"
Loved the lead singer's look, she reminded me a lot of Dita von Teese. The beginning of the song was a bit monotone, but the rest was amazing.

Azerbaijan - "When the Music Dies"
Now this is what I like to see: a singer actually using her voice for more than just screaming, because if you have a beautiful voice it's a waste not to use it.

Greece - "Aphrodisiac"
Sure, Greece has been entering variations of the same song for years and it's become somewhat of a tradition, but they're all still solid entries. This had a catchy beat (nice use of blended Greek folk) and I gotta commend the singer for both dancing and singing very well at the same time. Honestly, the way it sounded, I thought Greece was going to win again! (in retrospect, this song is better than the last one Greece won with, IMO)

Sweden - "Euphoria"
I remember thinking she would win, even before the commenters announced that she was the favorite of the evening. The song was decent, definite Eurovision material, and she had a pretty powerful voice. The minimalistic performance was also interesting to watch.

Serbia - "Nije Ljubav Stvar (Love is Not a Thing)"
I love hearing all the different languages, especially in song, and it kind of makes you look proud of your own country without coming across as exaggerately patriotic. I understand why most singers pick English (there were some instances where I wished I knew what they were singing about), but singing in your own language? Awesome.

Moldova - "L─âutar"
After a bit of thinking, I think this one's my favorite of this year's bunch. Like Greece, Moldova has built an image over the years - you expect there to be relatively few people onstage (at most 7) and for them to put on a theatrical performance. Well, they didn't disappoint: yes, no eye-catching pyrotechnics, but the "mannequins" were more interesting to watch anyway. And the song sounds like a sweet joining of Creature Feature and Gogol Bordello. I have nothing more to ask c:

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