What I do in class

Yup, this is what I do when classes get boring (which happens about half the time). I have lots of sheets of A4 paper full with drawings and scribbles, in all possible directions since I draw however I feel like it. Sometimes I miscalculate and end up drawing over text, or on notes from courses XP Oh, and since I'm hardly original, I end up drawing Sailor Moon stuff 60% of the time XD

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1: this is a random Sailor Moon scene and the poses are terrible, but I was drawing this during an English test because I was sitting in the middle of the row and couldn't get out without making at least 10 people get up. Venus was supposed to be Mars, her skirt sucks, she looks like she's being tipped over and Ami (last on the left) has a flat head. The only thing I like is Usagi's expression XD

2: I like this one because of how her nose came out <3 Again, been drawing to many frontal/angle shots and forgot how to do profiles, so moar practice tiem! Also, I hate the immobile hair in the anime and always make it more wispy.

3: I originally drew only the little girl (fail legs and gravity-defying demon bear, btw), then doodled a girl next to her (fail crossed legs, btw), whose expression I like.

4: Ouch, that neck looks painful o_O I need to check out more back movements. Also, bewbs <3 Did this because I like to try drawing lots of random poses to practice. Random text on her tail, I think I was trying to see if the pen still had ink in it XD

5: I did not make that outline to hide the fail arm and leg proportions. Nope, not at all.

6: I had a lot of time on my hands. Fabric folds practice tiem! Also, the lace on her arm reminds me of a full sleeve tattoo <3

7: I kinda like the profile and how her shirt came out.

8: Ho' shizz, a GUY. Somehow I think he ended up looking like an anime version of Leonardo diCaprio. He has a goatee so you can tell he's a guy D: Also, he looks stiff as a board because I currently fail at drawing upper body muscles. And lower body ones. Actually, all kinds of muscles D:

I'm afraid that if I start drawing guys I'll draw only yaoi and forget about drawing girls. I'm really trying to focus on drawing more guys and, since I have lots of projects with guys, I hope I'll learn to shade properly as well. This is not an excuse to look at more yaoi, even though it looks like it ^^"