Meme: generic five

Stolen from Ritona Raito. Derp^2 8D

5 Nicknames:
1. Pande (from one of my usernames)
2. SweetD (from this username)
3. Oli
4. Olivia?
5. ...Isn't that enough?

5 Best Friends:
1. Nico <3
2. Marina <3
3. Kelsey <3
4. Aren't 3 enough?
5. No, really, I'm not a people person anyway.

5 Enemies:
1. No one from this site.
2. And I don't see old enemies around either.
3. So I guess I don't have any right now?
4. There are a few annoying girls in college, though.
5. But I wouldn't call them enemies.

5 Generic Things About You:
1. Pepsi and Coca Cola make me sleepy.
2. I like Dexter (the show).
3. I hate Dexter's Laboratory, on the other hand.
4. I always forget something every time I leave the house. A few times I forgot my keys, was locked out and had to wait a few hours for my parents to come home, sitting on the stairs like a hobo :D
5. I have over 1000 books in my bookcase. It takes up an entire wall.

5 Features About Your Face:
1. Freckles
2. Brown Eyes
3. Pointed nose
4. Badly arranged teeth - even though I wore braces, some teeth overlap each other. It's not too visible, though, and it doesn't bother me
5. Glasses - gee, thanks a lot, parents, for passing it on D:

5 Physical Features you like about yourself:
1. Eyes
2. Wrists
3. Fingernails
4. Eyebrows - because sometimes I can twist them in a creepy Jack Nicholson sorta way
5. One of my canine teeth that's longer than the others - it even creeps people out 8D

5 Physical Features You Hate About Yourself:
1. Stomach
2. Legs
3. Elbows
4. The few fingers (and toes) I can't crack yet - but I'm working on it!
5. Guess I should throw in the other joints I can't crack yet as well :D

5 Random Facts About You:
1. I'm a rightie, but I try to use my left hand too.
2. I type and play games with all 10 fingers.
3. I like swimming, even though I almost drowned once.
4. I dislike meeting relatives.
5. I'm from Bucharest (the capital of Hungary).

5 Things About Your Personality:
1. Bitchy towards parents.
2. Nice towards friends.
3. Mildly bored towards strangers.
4. Very stubborn.
5. Melancholic.

5 Colors You Like:
1. Almost any shade of green
2. Black
3. Blue
4. Yellow
5. White? Dunno, I'm running out of colors 8D

5 Foods You Like:
1. My homemade pasta <3
2. Pizza
3. Sour cherries
4. My mom's soup
5. Pancakes

5 Bands You Like:
1. H.I.M.
2. White Zombie
3. Rammstein
4. Pink Floyd
5. The Chemical Brothers

5 Scents You Like:
1. Lily-of-the-valley
2. Sour cherry (yes, the scent too)
3. Nail polish
4. Oregano
5. Any food, when I'm hungry

5 Movies You Like:
1. Phantom Of The Opera (is there, insiiiiiide your miiiiiind) - the 2004 version
2. Edward Scissorhands
3. Lord Of The Rings (the creators treated it as one 9-hour-long movie so I am too)
4. Hot Fuzz
5. La marche de l'empereur (2005)

5 Celebrities You Like:
1. Johnny Depp
2. Anthony Hopkins
3. Ben Kingsley
4. Simon Pegg
5. Tom Hanks

5 Things About Your Best Friend:
1. She has blue eyes.
2. She has a mousy voice on the phone and when she mooches something from me.
3. She goes to the same college as me, though I'm in distance learning section and she's in the normal one.
4. We share a sense of sarcasm.
5. Surprised me a few days ago by telling me she now likes Rammstein. She only listened to pop before. Jaw-droppingly life-changing epiphany moment.

5 Things About Your Crush:
1. I don't have one.
2. I am all alone in the world.
3. I will be the crazy old cat lady.
4. With 3-4 cats.
5. No, make that 6.

5 Hobbies:
1. Making icons
2. Reading Stephen King books
3. Saying "no shit"
4. Watching movies with mah best friends
5. Playing The Sims 3

5 Talents:
1. Writing articles
2. Graphic design
3. Singing
4. Good listener
5. Playing first person shooters (Quake 1 and Wolfenstein ftw)

People You're Gonna Tag:
Saku! >:3

Whoever spots the joke first gets 5 icons as a request 8D Spoiler'd, please!