Edit 26th of December: the Kaleido Star vector is done!

So these are the projects I'm currently working on, on and off. I really want to finish them, but in the case of some I'm stuck at some parts, and others I'm too lazy to finish. I make a habit not to show any previews beforehand so I can completely take people by surprise, but I'm accepting whatever critique and suggestions you can throw at me :D

Series: Darling wa Namamono ni Tsuki
Type: wallpaper
Images: original | my progress
Description: Yum, doesn't it looks delicious? :D The manga is hilarious and ridiculous at the same time and I wanted to get that feeling across.

Series: Harlem Beat wa Yoake Made (Mad Love Chase)
Type: vector (and possibly wallpaper, if I have inspiration)
Images: original | my progress
Description: OK, I take that back, this takes the prize for ultimate yummyness! External Image Although I'm disappointed that he appears this way quite rarely in the manga (he usually looks like this, which is meh compared to this!) Unfortunately, he might not benefit from highly detailed vectored hair since I'm still recuperating from the last Loveless vector D:

Series: Artist: Hei Se Jin Yao
Type: wallpaper
Images: original | my progress
Description: Or is this one the ultimate yummyness?! Filled this wall with grunge stuff but don't know what else to add to it since it doesn't really have any substance, it's just textures thrown together.

Series: Inuyasha
Type: wallpaper?
Images: original | my progress
Description: I don't know much about Inuyasha, but I accidentally stumbled upon this image while browsing and liked it, along with a few others. I had a starry night background in mind for this, but if it turns out too troublesome I may just leave it as a vector.

Series: Kaleido Star
Type: vector
Images: sorry, can't find the original | my progress
Description: This isn't something big, I started vectoring the image because I liked how Layla and Sora look. Then I postponed it and forgot about it. Put it in the "active projects" folder so I wouldn't forget about it anymore, which obviously didn't happen.
This project is done, yay! You can see it over here :]

Series: Ningyo Ouji (Merman Prince)
Type: vector (maybe wallpaper)
Images: original | my progress
Description: I know, I know, he looks like a girl, but he looks just awesome in that supermodel-like pose. I might turn this into a wallpaper by recreating and expanding the original background in the manga scan.

Series: Princess Tutu
Type: wallpaper
Images: original | my progress
Description: My obligatory yearly Princess Tutu wall features Rue, this time. However, I'm stumped on the background. I originally wanted to have a mirror behind her and paint a reflection of her in it, but I couldn't find an HQ image of a mirror and I was too lazy to vector one.