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As a result of some unpleasant interactions with Mediafire (copyright infringements that weren't really infringements), I've taken down a lot of things from that account. Consequently, you will see a lot of dead links here. If you need something, visit my website; I'm restricting it to the bare minimum and moving everything to a Dropbox account, which may take a while since I don't have a lot of time and this certainly isn't a priority. If you really need something, drop me a line on my Tumblr or at the e-mail address exploring[dot]the[dot]infinity[at]gmail[dot]com.


In its early days, this World used to be all about smart discussions and posts and stuff like that. But since I hardly write articles now because of the lack of time, this World is now a place dedicated to showcasing whatever I do that doesn't relate to blogging about my life (which is already covered in this World). So, in a nutshell, this place is for graphics and resources.

Browse (most of) my stuff here by tags:

I take icon requests, so PM me or write me a comment :3 And feel free to use the stuff I make: you don't need to credit me if you use icons, but I'd appreciate some credit for the rest.

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If you know of any other worlds with icons/graphics, drop me a line and I'll feature them~

Background pattern: made with Colour Lovers by me.

Icons: made from my eCards! [30]

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01 . 02 . 03 . 04 . 05
06 . 07 . 08 . 09 . 10
11 . 12 . 13 . 14 . 15
16 . 17 . 18 . 19 . 20
21 . 22 . 23 . 24 . 25
26 . 27 . 28 . 29 . 30

I took Kami's challenge of making icons from my cards! :D Hers are all gorgeous, but most of mine don't really look that special IMO, probably because I like to work with tiny text XD I think the best are 5, 6 & 8 (surprised me), 20-22, 25 and 26. I love 22 to bits, I might end up using it after I get tired of my current one <3
These aren't in any particular order, mostly by year and filename but I replaced a few so not all are chronologically ordered. All of the icons are labeled with the series they're from. I've also made icons from my wallpapers (including the old shitty ones), so I'll probably post those in a few days.
Feel free to use them, you don't need to credit me or let me know if you do. Just don't steal. And if you want any specific icons made from my cards (I skipped a few), let me know c:

P.S. Dollie, lemme know what you think about #25, the Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep one. It's made from your Secret Santa gift :D

Icons: Sex Therapist [yaoi]

Uncensored version of #2 (without the artsy fadeout) under that link ^_~
I promised more Sex Therapist, you get more Sex Therapist. I do believe my goal is to make yaoi fan(girl)s die of nosebleeeds. Enjoy :3

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Yearning for MORE.

Icons: yaoi, shounen-ai - you know, good stuff

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1-3: Koisuru Boukun
4-5: Harlem Beat wa Yoake Made (Souyaaa~~)
6-7: Ikujinashi no Shiawase
8-10: Sex Therapist
Credits: background for icon #9: Celestial Star

Because when yaoi fan(girl)s ask, sweetdevil answers *takes off imaginary shades*
Sorry this pack wasn't as raunchy salacious as the previous one, but it takes more time to make these than I'd like ^^" Expect moar Sex Therapist icons/stuff in the near future, hopefully~ Also, an article with tips on icon making - possibly, if I can think of enough lol XD
For the record, Koisuru Boukun and Sex Therapist scans are hell to clean. Too many shadows -_-"