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As a result of some unpleasant interactions with Mediafire (copyright infringements that weren't really infringements), I've taken down a lot of things from that account. Consequently, you will see a lot of dead links here. If you need something, visit my website; I'm restricting it to the bare minimum and moving everything to a Dropbox account, which may take a while since I don't have a lot of time and this certainly isn't a priority. If you really need something, drop me a line on my Tumblr or at the e-mail address exploring[dot]the[dot]infinity[at]gmail[dot]com.


In its early days, this World used to be all about smart discussions and posts and stuff like that. But since I hardly write articles now because of the lack of time, this World is now a place dedicated to showcasing whatever I do that doesn't relate to blogging about my life (which is already covered in this World). So, in a nutshell, this place is for graphics and resources.

Browse (most of) my stuff here by tags:

I take icon requests, so PM me or write me a comment :3 And feel free to use the stuff I make: you don't need to credit me if you use icons, but I'd appreciate some credit for the rest.

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If you know of any other worlds with icons/graphics, drop me a line and I'll feature them~

Background pattern: made with Colour Lovers by me.

Icon bases: Beast Master and Prince [283]

Yup, you read that right: 283 icon bases made from scans on Minitokyo! I found another series that I liked the art of, so I made another batch of icon bases~ There are around ...

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Icon bases: rare SM bases pack #3

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(Rei, Usagi, Ami, Michiru, Hotaru)

Lol, I know, I promised I'd stop posting SM bases, but yesterday I changed my computer and had to move the files to memory sticks. I discovered some long-lost downloaded artbooks and there was a SM one among them too. Since the images were really pretty and HQ, I decided to make bases out of them That being said, I don't know if I'll be able to stop posting SM bases here, but if you want to see the rest you can go here (there are 250+ images!).
Oh, and I also updated Saku's world with some Oofuri icon bases, so check those out too if you're interested

Icon bases: rare SM bases pack #2

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I think this is the last installment in the Sailor Moon rare bases pack; there are more bases, but they're not good enough to have their own post - they're not amazing or anything, just...ordinary images >_> You can find them here, if you want them.
Also, I'll gladly take requests for bases Been a little bored lately and don't have any inspiration.

Icon bases: rare SM bases pack #1

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Well, here you go: another pack of bases. I'm posting it here since I might continue this series of icon bases I got my hands on some rare SM pics and I'll be making bases out of them (maybe even banners!), so be on the lookout!
P.S. I know I've been dead but I've been too lazy to post OX *bricked* Hugs for everyone for putting up with me~! *hugs*

Icon bases: W.I.T.C.H.

Listening to: H.I.M. - Kiss Of Dawn

Sickness report: well, I'm feeling eve worse than before. Surprisingly, I found out is is possible to feel worse x_x I'll be staying home today and maybe the rest of the week, drinking a lot of hot tea and stuffing myself with medicine. I'm taking 4 types of pills and some cough syrup XP At least it doesn't taste bad!

Hence I got a lot of spare time and made a lot of W.I.T.C.H. icon bases ^_^" "A lot", as in more than 80! I've been going through my collection of scanned pages and deleting them, because one takes up at least 2 MB (since they're scanned at the highest resolution available for my scanner).

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>> click here for more <<

More W.I.T.C.H. stuff because I feel generous XD:

  • March cover
  • Light novel scans (only 2 light novels scanned for now *sighs*)
  • I also got some gifts with the last issue, since they've been giving gifts for a year <3 (the price is higher too but that's beside the point XD) I'm annoyed that I already had the potpourri and playing cards, and I saw another March issue which had different presents (though I was in a hurry and couldn't see what they were). That's weird.

Lys, I'll make the Clannad avvies ASAP Promise!
And if anyone else wants to request any icons or bases, feel free to do so!