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As a result of some unpleasant interactions with Mediafire (copyright infringements that weren't really infringements), I've taken down a lot of things from that account. Consequently, you will see a lot of dead links here. If you need something, visit my website; I'm restricting it to the bare minimum and moving everything to a Dropbox account, which may take a while since I don't have a lot of time and this certainly isn't a priority. If you really need something, drop me a line on my Tumblr or at the e-mail address exploring[dot]the[dot]infinity[at]gmail[dot]com.


In its early days, this World used to be all about smart discussions and posts and stuff like that. But since I hardly write articles now because of the lack of time, this World is now a place dedicated to showcasing whatever I do that doesn't relate to blogging about my life (which is already covered in this World). So, in a nutshell, this place is for graphics and resources.

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I take icon requests, so PM me or write me a comment :3 And feel free to use the stuff I make: you don't need to credit me if you use icons, but I'd appreciate some credit for the rest.

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If you know of any other worlds with icons/graphics, drop me a line and I'll feature them~

Background pattern: made with Colour Lovers by me.

Original wallpaper: Look!

Download: 1280 X 1024 | 1600 X 1200 | 1920 X 1080 | 1920 X 1200

Uh...a wallpaper made from one of my drawings when I got bored during lectures, line belongs to a friend who kept using it constantly and driving me absolutely insane. The lineart is from waaaay back in October '12 and I colored it today in about...20 minutes? Anyway, it's very empty, made for those with a lot of shit on their desktop (but you're already used to hearing that from me XD) Enjoy my crappy drawing!
Preview doesn't represent entire wallpaper, btw.
I, uh, kinda went insane with the brush in the background. Yeah.

Posting like a ninja: moar drawings made during classes!

OHAI guys! I think this was what I was referring to when I said I would post a few days ago - honestly, my brain's fried after 3 projects in one week (one of which may be rejected but whatever, not much harm done - though it's funny as hell, may t...

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What I do in class

Yup, this is what I do when classes get boring (which happens about half the time). I have lots of sheets of A4 paper full with drawings and scribbles, in all possible directions since I draw however I feel like it. Sometimes I miscalculate and en...

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