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In its early days, this World used to be all about smart discussions and posts and stuff like that. But since I hardly write articles now because of the lack of time, this World is now a place dedicated to showcasing whatever I do that doesn't relate to blogging about my life (which is already covered in this World). So, in a nutshell, this place is for graphics and resources.

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I take icon requests, so PM me or write me a comment :3 And feel free to use the stuff I make: you don't need to credit me if you use icons, but I'd appreciate some credit for the rest.

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If you know of any other worlds with icons/graphics, drop me a line and I'll feature them~

Background pattern: made with Colour Lovers by me.

Eurovision 2012 chronicles

General stuff | Would listen to again | ...

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Making icons: what to keep in mind

After the not-so-professional and extremely short survey a while ago, the people have decided they want more icon-related stuff from me. [/cocky] I was happy to oblige since this guide/tutorial/whatever you want to call it was already in the works...

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5 ways to ruin your reading/viewing experience

I'm a big fan of lists, so here's another one! I think I've gone through all these listed here, and I'm proud to say I gave up discriminating against certain books or films just because of their cover. The main theme of this is "Keep your mind ope...

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Important News, Landmarks and Events of TheO

What's with this post?: As some of you may know, I used to have these links in the Introduction portion of this World. However, seeing as they have increased, the section looked aesthetically unappealing so I decided to give this ...

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Quality films - on the brink of extinction?

If you lived in Romania, like I do, you would probably be subjected to a typical "treatment": you come home from school/work, too tired to even get some leftovers from the fridge, and turn on the TV. Chances are that you will encounter one of thes...

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