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In its early days, this World used to be all about smart discussions and posts and stuff like that. But since I hardly write articles now because of the lack of time, this World is now a place dedicated to showcasing whatever I do that doesn't relate to blogging about my life (which is already covered in this World). So, in a nutshell, this place is for graphics and resources.

Browse (most of) my stuff here by tags:

I take icon requests, so PM me or write me a comment :3 And feel free to use the stuff I make: you don't need to credit me if you use icons, but I'd appreciate some credit for the rest. If you'd like to see the other things I make, check out my Corner of Art.

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If you know of any other worlds with icons/graphics, drop me a line and I'll feature them~

Background pattern: Rustic Red by me.

Icons: Fire Emblem [for chibi-anna-chan]

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Download all (+ alternate versions of #1-5&10)

Confession: I'm not that happy with the first two icons, I was in a serious inspiration slump and couldn't decide what I wanted to do with them >.< They're kind of a hotchpotch of textures; personally, I think the alternate versions look much better than the main ones >_>

I have to share the scan for #10, it's just too beautiful: MT link. And yeah, I'm pretty much obsessed with dots. I think this is the third variation of #8 I've done, after Vocaloid and Saiunkoku Monogatari >_____>"

Feel free to snag these for your personal collection but please ask chibi-anna-chan if you want to use them :)

Requests are still open! :D

We'll meet again when both our cars collide.

PNG: Miyuki-chan in Wonderland (de-glitterfied!)

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2235 x 1984 px, 1.7 MB -> [ download ]

Had this lying around in my "to extract" folder for ages when I decided I'd had enough and just extracted it XD But then all the glitter annoyed me because it was overlapping the outlines and, well, CLAMP really love pouring on that glitter, don't they. The scan looked like this, though I had a smaller version (which was probably deleted in the meantime).

Note: when opening it in PS, you'll notice it's in Indexed Color; make sure you select the RGB profile (Image -> Mode -> RGB Color). I had to use some different setting to reduce file size - it would've been about 6 MB if saved normally -, but the quality remains them same as a normal PNG :)

Icons: Gosick [for Kurihara Akane]

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Download all (+ textless version of #10)

And here's part 2 of the dedication for Kurihara Akane, icons of Victorique :) There's, uh, a lot of red in them! ^^" Feel free to snag these for your personal collection but please ask Kurihara Akane if you want to use them :)

And now that I'm done with them, I officially declare requests are open again! ^^

Icons: Saiunkoku Monogatari [for Kurihara Akane]

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Download all (+ textless version of #8)

Part 1 of 2 of Kurihara Akane's request :) Second part is almost done, will probably be posted tomorrow. Once I'm done with it, I'll open up requests again~

Feel free to snag these for your personal collection but please ask Kurihara Akane if you want to use them :)

Icons: Sailor Moon (Kiyohiko Azuma doujinshi)

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01 . 02 . 03 . 04 . 05
06 . 07 . 08 . 09 . 10
11 . 12 . 13 . 14 . 15
16 . 17 . 18 . 19 . 20

A batch of icons from Kiyohiko Azuma's Sailor Moon doujinshi, A-Zone. With exams coming up, Minako gets bored of studying and tricks the other girls into going to the swimming pool. It's very cute and funny! Anyway, the focus is mostly on Minako fooling around, so that's why there are more icons of her; the other girls were either not drawn big enough or were covered up by text bubbles.

Feel free to use these, you don't need to credit me (but it's very appreciated!) :) As always, requests are open!