Moonlight - Chapter 1

I was making a new story, and wanted to share it. This is a vampire romance, if you don't like vampires, and can't handle some romance, have a look and if you don't like, you may go, if you must... Anyway, enjoy!


“Why must we all some day die…?”

I couldn’t stand it any longer. Why did Mother just die like that? She was all I had left. Must all people die, leaving this world and others behind in pain? Isn’t there more to life than just death?
I listened to the noises and sounds that beckoned the roads and alleys. There was nothing else I could do, just be alone, and that was what I wanted least.
A scream arose from a few yards in front of me, and I ran to its location. Lying there, a lady in a red evening dress was on the floor, bleeding heavily. Kneeling next to the woman was a man with blood-curdling red eyes, and black flocks of hair beside his cheeks. Fangs protruded from his upper lip, and blood was being licked off from his bottom lip.
In an instant, the man appeared in front of me, my feet wouldn’t move, I couldn’t do anything. The man reached towards me, I tried screaming for help, but no words came out.
The world went blank.
I don’t know how long it took, but I was soon awake, lying against a wall in an open alley near the road. “What happened?” Those were the only things that I could think of. I remembered nothing, only that I was waking down the alleyway, and nothing else. I probably just reached the end and sat down for a rest, right?
I got up, starting to head for home. A gleaming red eye, stared at me. I did not realise, nor did I realise I saw him only half an hour ago.
I soon reached home, and started unlocking the door. Once I got in, I glanced at the clock. “Oh my! It’s already so late? I better get to bed, and quick!” I was soon ready, and settled, cuddling up into the duvet.
I neither realised now when the same man as before was spying at me from the window, but even if I did notice, it would’ve been make believe, for he was there for no longer than a second.

I was walking through another alleyway; it seemed to now be a hobby of mine. I turned a corner and froze still. There was a trail of blood leading to some place, and I instinctively followed the trail. It was not long before I saw a boy leaning against the wall, blood dripping from his mouth, and all over his hand. He was smiling a wicked smile, and staring straight at me.

I woke up startled, then relaxed, and thought properly about the dream. It was creepy, and I suspected that it was a nightmare. But one thing kept me thinking. I recognised the fangs, the blood and how the eyes stared at me. I just kept thinking I saw all that before. And something was just not right about it.
I got out of bed, dressed, and headed to school. It was in my first year in High school, and to relax I always walked through dark roads.
School was soon ended, though I hadn’t realised, I wasn’t paying attention to school today, my head was devoted to that subject instead of Maths or literature. I just couldn’t find the piece to the jigsaw puzzle.
I soon decided that I needed to go investigate the same alleyway that I walked on last night, or I would never know.
Later that night, I walked through the same alleyways, following my head. I suddenly gasped when I saw a trail of blood. I suddenly started to feel very uneasy. I saw all this before. But this was my chance to find out, so I’d go and check what would be at the end of the blood-brick road. A wicked smile pierced through the darkness. I took a step forwards, but this time, I could walk no more. The boy, the blood, the fangs… It all circled around my head. Fangs? That’s what I forgot. Who has those? My memory all flooded back to me. The man, the blood-drinker, the dead woman, all this added up to a vampire. But was this boy another one of their race? What was going on?
“Hey…” The boy whispered, getting up from the wall, and walking towards me. “I’ve already had dinner, are you for dessert?”
His clothes were stained with blood; and he was no longer than a metre from me by now. This time, I had strength enough to move, my fear didn’t drain it all like last time, and I was going to soon make my move.
I twirled on my tip, and started to run like a lion, but he was catching up, no matter how much I tried. I was so scared; I wasn’t watching where I was going. That’s where I made my mistake, when I tripped over something. I fell down; laying my hands out in front of me. The boy went down in the same position on top of me, holding my neck with his claw-like hand. I was trapped.
What made things worse? His bloody hand made blood prints all over my neck, which made me more vulnerable. With his sharp nail, he pierced my skin, making me automatically scream. He put his hand over my mouth so that no sound came out.
Was I really going to die?