Here I shall post random creations like Poems and similar creations.
You can do too, if you would like!
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Alright, so since I've finished this story, I shall now put it all together for you guys. Hope you will all enjoy. Also, this is my first story with a sad ending... forgive I ...

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Living on

You are gone,
I am living on,
Without you I cry,
I want to die.

I wait for you,
I think it through,
What's left to be heard?
You are "Gone" is the word.

For me crying,
Is the same as dying,
Waiting for you,
There is no more I can do.

I want this to end,
I want to see you, my friend,
My dear one, come today,
Don't shove me away.

Though I am living on,
Even though I know you're gone,
I'll live through the pain,
In this everlasting rain.

My Stranger of the Night

Ok, this is a poem which is called "My Stranger of the night"! I hope you like it and please comment!

You come to me silently riding wings of black night,
And you step in my dark and forlorn bedroom,
To come and capture my soul of pure light,
Under the stream of the shining full moon.

Piercing my skin with a soft yet sharp bite,
Your love to me is an endless rain,
From someone as you with such power and might,
To only me you release such sweet pain.

Yet I am weak and merely a human,
You still chose me and only me,
Out of those many other vampire women,
And that is how you chose it to be.

I shall return your burning love,
And give you me when you need to feed,
Even now that I may be a fallen dove,
I will help you when you truly need.

You are my vampire,
And I am your light,
Each soul of each we desire,
My forever stranger of the night.