Here I shall post random creations like Poems and similar creations.
You can do too, if you would like!
Also, Please do not copy and claim them as your own, and I'd appreciate if you asked my Permission.

My Rules!

This is a poem of Naruto! (I have to get rid of all the Naruto poems till I can do something else!)
But anyway, this is from Itachi's point ot view, talking to Sasuke. Enjoy!

Foolish brother,
If you want to kill me,
Then hate, spite,
And survive pathetically.
Run and run,
And cling desperately to life.

I have told you,
The way of the world,
To hate,
Not love,
In the mercy,
Of no dove.

Now I am ready,
I’ll be waiting for you,
In the shadows,
Where you’ll come to find me,
Or maybe in the meadows.

I’m now expecting,
You’ll come, not hesitate,
But I warn you,
You won’t win me easy,
Like I’ve told you before,
No dove, shall grant you mercy.

Come now,
And fail,
Come never,
To prevail,
The death of you too,
Do you get it now?

These are my words,
Foolish brother,
Do what you want,
But always remember,
That it won’t be easy,
To kill, me, your brother.

You left

Here's another Naruto poem! It's once again Sasuke's to Itachi... Enjoy!

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Here goes another one,
Out goes you.

Left alone,
In the deserted streets,
I felt so sad,
I felt so bad.

When you, my brother,
Left me alone,
To rot,
To die,
In my sorrow, and pain.

But I still stood,
After a horrid experience,
The death of my clan,
Committed by you.

I grew older,
With one wish in mind,
What’s not a wish,
But a revenge,
To you…my brother.

You destroyed my life,
And I’ve lived until now,
To finish,
My wish,
To avenge,
My clan.

When the deed is done,
I shall no longer live in hate,
And then I’ll be ready,
To accept, my fate.

My Experience (Naruto)

This is a poem from Naruto! Sasuke is speaking here, I hope you like it!

I dare not say, what I’ve become,
So many words,
So many of them fade,
To the depths of hade.

Gone to complete,
The mission I have foreseen,
Where are you brother?
I see nothing but mist,
In the place, you used to list.

The day will come,
For what I’ve been waiting for,
Or so I think,
The letter you wrote before.

That day I had read it,
After what I had seen,
My brother betraying me,
In front of my eyes.

I used to call you brother,
But now I don’t know what I should call you,
For I had seen enough,
Of the betrayal,
To my clan.

Under that cloak,
You hide under,
Your blood red eyes,
That shows something different,
Which was passed down through generations.

What you did,
That very day,
Is unforgettable,
You won’t get away,
For the revenge,
Of my very clan.

I’ve waited for the right time,
Since I was eight,
Who knew it’d take so long,
To track you down,
Not only me, but you are stronger too,
But for the sake of my clan,
I shall not rest…till the deed is done!


This is a poem I made when i once felt very lonely, and was hoping for things to get better, I hope you like this!

I’m looking for a way out,
No one’s unlocking the door,
No one hears my cries,
No one hears my tears hit the floor.

I am trapped in a room,
There is no way out,
Is all hope lost?
No one even hears my shout.

I squeeze my eyes shut,
I call out in fear,
All hope is lost,
So says my last tear.

I’m lying on the floor,
I fall asleep,
My dream opens a door,
Which fortune I can truly keep.


This is the poem called "Friends". Hope you like this!

Are We friends or are we not?
You told me once but I forgot.
So tell me now and tell me true,
So I can say I'm here for you.
Of all the friends I've ever met,
You're the one's I won't forget.
And if I die before you do,
I'll go to heaven and wait for you.