Here I shall post random creations like Poems and similar creations.
You can do too, if you would like!
Also, Please do not copy and claim them as your own, and I'd appreciate if you asked my Permission.


This is a VERY short poem for a wallpaper I made, and will soon submit, for Sakura from Naruto. Enjoy!

I wish upon thy star so bright,
To rain down it's deepest light,
Lighting up the sky so high,
Oh how I wish, the star was I.

The start of Snow

I wrote this a while ago when it was snowing like mad! I just thought it was so beautiful, and came up with this.

The sky turns grey,
And pure and blank,
Releasing an endless white ray,
Nothing would beat it's rank.

Fragment's of white,
Fall down from the sky,
All through the night,
Starting from so up high.

It continues big and long,
Forming patches quite comforting,
As beautiful as a song,
The world is soon covered in snow.

Remember this day,
It might be the last,
Treasure this day in every way,
For the start of snow has passed.

Snow into Spring

Here is a poem of Snow and Spring.

The leaves freeze up,
The sun goes down,
The leaves that once were,
All shrivelled and brown.

Nymphs that were hidden,
Yet so up high,
The rulers of magic,
This is no lie.

They are all frozen,
In the coming of Snow,
No pollen to go round,
This is the wintery show.

Soon it warms up,
And the flowers bloom once again,
Spring has finally come,
And after will follow the happy rain.

I cry only for you

Ok, this is my last Naruto poem!! My next should be of something different. Enjoy!
Here, Sakura is talking to Sasuke.

You walked out the gate,
You left me alone,
Laid me on the bench, so I would not interfere,
For you to leave, to leave me and your home.

I always was a nuisance to you,
I always ended up in your way,
Now I wish I could be in your way,
When you left that very day.

I always cried,
For silly reasons,
But now I have found a reason to cry,
Please answer, why did you leave last season?

My heart cracked into pieces,
You never knew I loved you,
But when I told you, it meant nothing,
And you carried on what you had to do.

I wish on the star,
That lights up the sky,
For you can come back to me,
I wish so, I cry.

Come back

Another poem for the naruto series.
Here Naruto is talking to Sasuke.

Once I called you a friend,
But that was in the past,
Those days were very special to me,
And now I know it won’t last.

For what I’ve seen you do,
And what you’re capable of,
Just to see my friend again,
“Is impossible,” he says from above.

But I still hope,
You’ll come back to us,
We’ll be ready to forgive,
As we hope, you won’t just pass.

But if it’s true,
That you’ll finally pack,
And come back to us,
We will over joy, at the sight of you back.

But that’s just a dream,
We think of every day,
And now we understand your decision,
That you won’t come back our way.