Unnecessary Wheat

Unnecessary wheat
By Crehea

The wind blew lightly, the sun was half covered by puffy, pure white clouds, and the flowers were popping out of their pots to smile at the passing neighbors. Spring was finally here and it was perfect. Perfect for my upcoming day with my friend Chris.

Chris and I loved the outdoors but Chris liked it just a bit more. Every Saturday we’d go walking around in various places and just talk. Well, it wasn’t just talking. We were friends with benefits, and even if I did have feelings for him, I would be okay with our status as of now.

We met at the little stone bridge that connected to the golf course right beside my house. Chris was late and I was impatient.

Before he got there, I decided to get on a rock in the river and keep balance on it till I heard him coming.

“Are you kidding me,” I heard him say with a deep sigh to follow along with it.

Quietly, I jumped up and gripped the cold stone edge. It took me a bit to get myself up but luckily he was getting out his phone. Before my cell phone blasted the ring tone I picked out for him, I screamed out his name.

He cursed as he turned to face me. “You were late,” I said and begun to stick my tongue out at him. Hanging on a bridge ledge and over water was a mistake when it was Chris who would be the one to help me over it.

“How are you going to get down,” he grinned for pay back.

In the end, I begged for help and before I lost the feeling in my fingers he helped me over the wall of the bridge. His prize, a look up my shorts. It would have been a kiss but hey I caught him when he was helping me up.

After our little argument about the prize we headed to the gold course. We sneaked past the gate by going into the forest of unnecessary wheat that grew every spring and died every fall. There were snakes in there, which bothered me. Chris liked to pretend to hold one up and throw it at me. Got me every time and we had to run faster just in case someone checked where the screams came from.

“He was ok,” I told him. “The amusement park, I mean common it has to be fun.”

“We should go,” he said. I nodded.

“Can you believe t? I actually went on a roller coaster. Almost puked my brains out but hey I made it.”

Chris made a small laugh from the bottom of his throat and smiled. “You like them now?”

“Of course not!” I smiled “I will never go on again.”

“I’ll drag you on,” he grinned.

I bumped hips with him. “I’m too fast for you.”

Chris picked me up right then and spun me so that my long legs lifted up into the air and over the fresh cut grass. I complained at first but when I was let down, I wanted him to do it again.

In the golf course, I found a sand dune that we could make masterpiece sand castles in. Who cared if we act like kids, no one would see. He watched me roll down into the sand dune before he jumped in and stole my sandals. I never liked my feet. They bothered me and he knew.

At first it was a wrestling match to get my sandals back but the next minute we were kissing. It was as if our lips were magnets, when one of us pulled away the other moved toward the other to kiss again.

It felt right to kiss him but something always spoiled us. Usually it was golfers but this time it was the sound of his phone blaring in his pocket that interrupted us.

Even when he didn’t want to answer it and continue, I didn’t. I was off to the side and he sat up to answer it.

“Hey,” he answered. I listened to the sound of the girl’s voice. She was very loud. Normally he would have been avoiding my eyes but I was texting now. He knew who I was texting and he didn’t like it.

I texted about how much fun I had at the amusement park and the boy responded fast. It made me smile that someone noticed me.

“I can hang later,” Chris said to the girl. It made me look up but him starring at me made me look back down to fiddle with my phone case. “Yup I will call you when I’m heading there. See ya,” he closed his phone and I texted back my friend.

“Who you texting,” he played the innocent act and rested his head on my thigh. I looked past the phone to look at him. Thud. Thud. Shut up you.

“John, he had fun last night. He wants to hang soon.” I told him what the text said that I had just opened. “I thought you two were done?”

It took him a second but then he responded. “We are.”

I left it alone. Chris had a really bad break up with that girl. I never saw him like that before and I didn’t want to fight with him for it would get nowhere. I texted John and he closed the phone on my finger.

“Ow, that hurt,” I said bringing my finger up to my mouth to kiss it. He smiled only because I used that silly voice which reminded everyone I was ok and ready to play around, when all truly I didn’t. It was better if everyone was happy even me.

The day past and after catching frogs, running from golfers, and rolling down large amounts of hills we ended up on a bridge that led across another forest of wheat. I stood on the railing balancing myself across it. “You should go. You’ll be late if you don’t.”

He sighed and looked at the clock on his phone. “You’ll be ok?”

“I’m a big girl Chris, I can walk home,” I smiled. He made me sit on the railing so he could kiss me before he went off.

I stayed like that and watched him off. The back of him was nice with him being skinny and then having a curve when you got to his love handles, but it made me sad to see him walk off. He would see that girl, he would make up with her, he would date her, and I would be alone on Saturdays once again.

The palms of my hands rubbed deep into my eyes as I found myself crying. “You idiot,” I screamed against my hand.

“You know that’s mean.” I looked over to see him standing there smiling. I was crying and he was smiling. It pissed me off but I was too happy to see him there.

“What about-“

“I told her I couldn’t.” He shrugged. “I wanted to make sure some big girl got home safe.”

I smiled and my butt rubbed against the wooden arm of the bridge as I tried to lift myself off it. We began to walk along the bridge when he said, “You still crying?” His face was close to mine.

“No!” I rubbed my face into my arm. “Just the remains.” I told him.

He smiled and I joined in. His large skinny hand held my small fragile hand, fingers intertwined. His thumb would rub against the side of my pointer and over my knuckle. It made me feel better and it brought me closer to him when we walked so our shoulders touched.

It was like any movie, there was a sunset, there was the boy of your dreams, and now just that kiss would seal the deal. It all ended though. At least I thought. My phone beeped and as I reached to answer the text, Chris stopped me.


I didn’t and we walked still hand in hand up a hill. Everything washed over me and it felt like someone slapped me in the face. “You’re so weird…” was the best thing that could come out of my mouth.

He understood what I meant and he let go of my hand this time. Bam! Shut up gun.

The back of him made me look away again but I felt his hand go to my arm. “Anna,” his voice was so calm, so deep, so… breathe taking.

“Please just stop…” My walls began to build as my body began to crack inside.

There were no words just arms wide around me squishing me tight against him. I finally cracked all over again and balled my eyes out on his white shirt.

“I’m sorry.” His kiss was hot against the skin on my cheek.


He interrupted.”I always loved you. I just keep it down so if my heart wonders I don’t hurt you but now... now I just want you to be with me. Only me. No one else.”

I bursted into double the amount of tears his shirt already encountered. My fingers curled along the back of his shirt and he held me there. Held me even when the sun settled down, held me when flashlights shined upon us from the workers, held me like no one else has ever had.

In the distance I could see the forest of wheat dancing with the wind as me and Chris were handcuffed for trespassing. I would come back with Chris soon enough and go through that unnecessary wheat to enter another memory with him.

Thanks for reading guys. I really like the story maybe not so much the last paragraph but i still like it. :) <3