I hope you like some of these edits. Some took longer than others (cuz its very hard to do the hair at times) but other than that i would love to edit a photo for you if you asked. It helps me not to be bored in my spare time plus i love it when i see the smile on your face when you look at it You can check out more edits on my photobucket account (warning! i share with a friend!) Just find the user Heartless_twins and that will be me Thanks!

The host club

I am now in a host club the icon on the membership is an edit by me. Please do not Copy this photo if you would like to join please go see Rein Akira. Thanks

Never give up

Just because someone important left you, doesnt mean you should loose all hope. There are many out there that will extend a hand and pull you into a brand new world.

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Amamiya Ushio

I edited this for my first friend on TheOtaku Hope you like it Sasoriofredsand!

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We will all Fly!

One Day we will all fly. Everyone has wings you just have to find them!

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Beauty in the Breakdown

This title is what i first heard in a song and automatically had to put it in this pic!

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