Hi-ya, cutepresea here, the resident Tales series addict. I'll just post whatever here at ridiculously slow rates. Yep.

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Anyone who knows me knows I have this weird obsession with voice actors, whether they be English speaking, or Japanese, or whatever. Ignore that if I slip into that on here.

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Speaking of cute things...

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From here.
Excuse me while I go die again.

Also Must Have This

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Milla, Milla, Milla, Milla, Milla...
Can't wait to see that painted and--
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AHH! That is just too adorable! *dies*

I have to have this

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Rita, Rita, Rita, Rita, Rita, Rita...
Pic from here.


Copying and pasting from Brave Vesperia until I say I'm not anymore.
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PS3 version of Vesperia. You can see that last fanart I did in this pic. Hahaha.

The boxart is reversible, you can make the back of it look like this if you want:
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And the preorder bonus is a card that lets you download Tales of the Abyss costumes for Yuri, Flynn, and Estelle for free (there's a code on the other side).
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Never mind the Presea figurine and Tokunaga plushie. *glances around*

----------Not copying and pasting anymore.
Tales of Rebirth playthrough...just entered the Shrine of Gilione for another Sacred Beast. Having Shaorune to fly around on has made the more recent gameplay a bit less tedious since you don't run into battles every few seconds while traveling using him. I have NO idea how much more is left to the game. Haha.

ToV Countdown 10

1 day, and please tell me you saw this one coming...
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