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Anyone who knows me knows I have this weird obsession with voice actors, whether they be English speaking, or Japanese, or whatever. Ignore that if I slip into that on here.

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Gonna help a bit since some people are having trouble with this

I noticed there have been people that have had a bit of trouble getting the preorder costumes in Tales of Graces f after they download them. Since the game just released in PAL regions, I'm gonna make this post for people who might need it.
I think people are confused and looking in the Costume menu right away, so here goes.

Go to the Item Menu first off. You see that icon at the very end?
External Image
Press R1 or L1 until you get to that one. You'll come to a page that looks like this.
External Image
See the "Preorder Bonus Set" item? Open it. You can see mine is already open because I've been using it for a while.

Now go to the Title menu for any of the three characters that can have the costumes (Asbel, Sophie, or Richard). The Titles should be at the end of their lists. Asbel's will be Aspiring Hero, Sophie's is Greedy Realist, while Richard's is Masked Swordsman.
External Image
Select the titles for those characters and earn enough SP to master them up to the Costume skill.
After that go to the Status menu for those characters.
External Image
Press left twice to go to the Costume menu for them and then select the costume.
External Image

Well I did that

External Image
One game down, a billion more to go. ^^;

Ah nooo!

I'm almost out of paper.
How the heck am I almost out of paper?
*grumbles* I'll buy more when I can.

So what has CP been doing lately?

Other than not drawing that other prize pic I'm supposed to be doing, I mean?
(I'm so sorry!)
Well, it's no secret that I absolutely love old games so I decided to play the original Final Fantasy for the first time.

External Image
Raise your hand if you always think of that town as Corneria instead even though that's a planet in Star Fox.
Ah, NPCs...your lines are always so engaging. Wait, not really. Some NPCs actually do have somewhat helpful lines about what you should do next but most of them just say stuff like this. Typical though, so this isn't surprising.
Anyway, I was just here to buy some supplies and I'm done with that.
So at the moment I have two decent places to grind for EXP:
External Image
There's the "Peninsula of Power" that has enemies from later in the game because the way the map's encounter areas are programmed into squares and the last few spaces on this peninsula fell on the square for a later area...Funny enough, I read that they kept it in later versions of the game. I love that. :3

External Image
And then there's the "Hall of Giants" where every step puts you in random encounters where some number of Giants is guaranteed to be included in every battle.
Of course, I take advantage of neither for now and move on. I figured my party's levels were high enough at the moment.
But before I continue, I ran into this somewhere out in the ocean when trying to get back to the Earth Cave area:

External Image
Stood to the side, but I got Mom's camera in the shot. Yes, I had to borrow the camera I used to take these pics. Quiet you. :(
"Kyzoku." I crack up every single time I run into these guys. I can't help it. It's because there are Pirates you have to fight earlier in the game in order to get the ship, and in Japanese they were called Kaizoku (the Japanese word for pirate), but then these palette swaps show up and in Japanese they're called "Pirates," so of course the obvious choice is to localize that as Kyzoku!

Seriously, I looked up what they were called in the original version the second I saw "Kyzoku" pop up on the screen. I had suspected it was the other way around, but nope. Huh.

Moving on, I go to the end of the Earth Cave because pfft, I defeated the Vampire there but the earth in this area is still rotting and there's still something evil there.
After running into who knows how many enemies and hearing this way too many times:

External Image
...Oh crap! I'm low on items and a boss battle is coming?!
Or at least I'd be saying that if he hadn't been so darn easy. A Fire 3 and Harm 3 took him down pretty quickly after he dealt some extremely minor damage to my Fighter...all while my Black Belt stands by and watches stupidly.
Welp, one of the orbs is shining now.
Back to Coneria to buy more supplies or something and stop for the night. Or morning. Rats.

You guys are supposed to tell me when these references come up

I see you Tear, Luke, Guy, and Jade. XD