Hi-ya. Cutepresea here, the resident Tales series addict. I'll just post whatever here at ridiculously slow rates. Yep.

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Anyone who knows me knows I have this weird obsession with voice actors, whether they be English speaking, or Japanese, or whatever. Ignore that if I slip into that on here.

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Oh, how I laughed

"It has been a year since the internet's demise... Sara is now a lumberjack."
Wait...a lumberjack? Now who does that remind me of...?
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AHAHAHAHAHA. Oh that's perfect.

This post was brought to you by rappigs

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Aww, look how cute it is!
Anyway, finished up my second playthrough of Tales of Xillia. A month off from the sequel's release but whatever.
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Note to self: When you get the English version next year, start buying and preparing foods waaay earlier in the game.

Dear Tales Fandom

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This is why I love you guys. XD

Why is the art for Dice Adventure so adorable?

dljgaskgja; *still dead from those other times*
Why do they have to resize them so horribly for their site though? Arrrgh.

Gonna help a bit since some people are having trouble with this

I noticed there have been people that have had a bit of trouble getting the preorder costumes in Tales of Graces f after they download them. Since the game just released in PAL regions, I'm gonna make this post for people who might need it.
I think people are confused and looking in the Costume menu right away, so here goes.

Go to the Item Menu first off. You see that icon at the very end?
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Press R1 or L1 until you get to that one. You'll come to a page that looks like this.
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See the "Preorder Bonus Set" item? Open it. You can see mine is already open because I've been using it for a while.

Now go to the Title menu for any of the three characters that can have the costumes (Asbel, Sophie, or Richard). The Titles should be at the end of their lists. Asbel's will be Aspiring Hero, Sophie's is Greedy Realist, while Richard's is Masked Swordsman.
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Select the titles for those characters and earn enough SP to master them up to the Costume skill.
After that go to the Status menu for those characters.
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Press left twice to go to the Costume menu for them and then select the costume.
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