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Anyone who knows me knows I have this weird obsession with voice actors, whether they be English speaking, or Japanese, or whatever. Ignore that if I slip into that on here.

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Random Post on World Destruction

Haha, I spread the cuteness that was my last fanart. XD But seriously, the real thing is just so much cuter, is it not?

External Image

He's a party member. Need I say more? That's almost as awesome as a dog with a pipe that uses human weapons <--Tales of Vesperia reference *cough*

Although the character I see getting fangirls is Naja. He's half human, half beastman (of the wolf variety). I take that back...he already has fangirls.

Edit: Yay, there's a section on it now...;P

I really need to post here more often

Sorry, guys, I was spending a little too much time over at the Tales Brigade forums (though there was a bit of a fiasco earlier involving someone putting a spoiler in the name of a thread and putting a spo...

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*falls over*
Just watching her answer other people's questions is sending me into twitching like that. I fear for the day I actually get up the nerve to speak to an actual voice actor... I guess I can get star struck after all.

Tales of the Abyss TV anime ToM scans

Tales of Magazine had a section on the Tales of the Abyss anime that Sunrise is working on. Just thought I'd post some links. ToA1-A ...

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Yet another Tales related post in my non Tales world

Tales of the Abyss TV Anime Trailer 2 ...

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