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Anyone who knows me knows I have this weird obsession with voice actors, whether they be English speaking, or Japanese, or whatever. Ignore that if I slip into that on here.

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Because I Have No Better News

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Cruxis Kratos, Presea, Regal, and Zelos say hi.

Or maybe it's more because "I don't really know where to look for updates on much else, so I just know the Tales ones." As I've already posted in my other, slightly more Tales obsessed, world the other day, the Tales of Symphonia OVA (known as Tales of Symphonia: The Animation) will be continued to include the Tethe'alla chapter. I, for one, am very happy. The initial announcement was at Tales of Festival 2008 and was added to the official website shortly after. We all figured this would happen from the beginning (last episode of the Sylvarant Chapter really made it obvious with the ending saying, "End here Sylvarant. Begin here Tethe'alla" in English).

Besides, as Konishi said as Lloyd at ToF08, "They only made up until the Sylvarant Arc! At this rate, I won't get Collet back to normal, and ToS the Animation will eventually be forgotten!" Fans and voice actors agree that it was a horrible place in the story to leave off. So yeah, the Sylvarant Chapter ended with Collet losing her soul in the Angel Transformation process in Cruxis' attempt to use her body as a vessel for "the Goddess" Martel. After a run in with Yuan Kafei (CV: Toshiyuki Morikawa) and his group called the Renegades, Lloyd and the others were taken to the other world of Tethe'alla by Shihna in hopes of finding a way to save Collet. We got teaser shots of Zelos, Presea, and Regal taking notice of the Rheabirds flying across the night sky, Yuan noticing the Rheabirds were gone, and Kratos in his Cruxis uniform reporting back to Yggdrasill, most likely saying the Miko (Collet) had escaped.
See those spoilerish things in the video below (and darn these fansubbers using the English version's names...I wish I could've found it raw). Also the song that starts playing is the song usually used as the opening:

One of my big questions is: Are they gonna use the same theme songs? I absolutely adore Negai (the ending song by Kaori Hikita...FOR ONLY TWO EPISODES! Episode 3 used Uchi e Kaerou and Episode 4 used ALMATERIA) and it would be a shame to lose it. Heck, I even hope the little clay models from the endings make a return! ALMATERIA by Eri Kawai (the opening, and RIP Kawai-san! I loved your song! ) is also really nice despite its being in a total nonsense language (although it does mention Sylvarant and Tethe'alla in it. Those two words along with "almateria" are the only ones that can be understood). Here's to more image songs by the characters, too. Omoi no Yukue by Nana Mizuki was really nice to listen to at times, although getting your hands on it means either buying the pricey Collector's Edition of volume IV of the Sylvarant Chapter (which is what I did) or downloading. And her other song, Uchi e Kaerou, that was used as an insert in episode 3, was just adorable.

As a reminder of the characters, here's a list (note: Pictures are for the game. Seiyuu listed are also from the game if they have not appeared in the OVA yet--in other words, the ones for Regal and Presea...They should be the same, anyway, since all the others were able to return and they've been doing the same characters in other projects recently, unless something weird comes up):

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I'm gonna end up hurting someone

I'm going to hurt this Takato person on the Tales Brigade...this is the second member that's done this! Don't worry, I reported it, as did several of my friends on there. It just ticks me off that they not only took my pics, but took several that are only here on TheO and I didn't want up on there. AND one of them got picked for "The Best of the Best" while the ones I submitted that were actually mine didn't! Stupid thieves getting rewarded for stealing. I hope this member gets banned (I noticed their other two submitted pictures were taken from other TheOtaku members).

What's this???

I've heard that Viz licensed the Legend of Zelda manga by Akira Himekawa, and is going to be releasing them over here starting in October from the first volume of Ocarina of Time. I've been importing these for years now, so it's a little weird they're just now doing it. (I have every one from Ocarina of Time vol. 1 up through Minish Cap...and I hear they're going to be releasing Phantom Hourglass soon )

So...this is what they have so far for release dates:
Ocarina of Time vol. 1--October 7
Ocarina of Time vol. 2--December 2
Majora's Mask--February 3
Oracle of Seasons--April 7

Not too fond of the fact they're aiming it at kids ages 8-12, but eh...

Random Post on World Destruction

Haha, I spread the cuteness that was my last fanart. XD But seriously, the real thing is just so much cuter, is it not?

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He's a party member. Need I say more? That's almost as awesome as a dog with a pipe that uses human weapons <--Tales of Vesperia reference *cough*

Although the character I see getting fangirls is Naja. He's half human, half beastman (of the wolf variety). I take that back...he already has fangirls.

Edit: Yay, there's a section on it now...;P

I really need to post here more often

Sorry, guys, I was spending a little too much time over at the Tales Brigade forums (though there was a bit of a fiasco earlier involving someone putting a spoiler in the name of a thread and putting a spo...

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