Hi-ya, cutepresea here, the resident Tales series addict. I'll just post whatever here at ridiculously slow rates. Yep.

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Anyone who knows me knows I have this weird obsession with voice actors, whether they be English speaking, or Japanese, or whatever. Ignore that if I slip into that on here.

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Sorry, had to do it

First off, thanks to everyone who's commented or hugged my new pic so far. It's on page 2 of most active fanarts, so maybe we can get it to the front page. Hahaha. *cough*

I couldn't help but to post this. Episode 6 of Tales of the Abyss was great. I mean, not because it was the greatest thing ever...no. But because it gave me one of my favorite screens in the history of screens. (I'll go ahead and put up a few. Low quality warning! Had to get them from Youtube...I'll be happy when the DVDs get released next year)

External Image
The Shikkoku no Tsubasa. I'm glad they actually included them in the anime.

External Image
THIS ONE. Poor Tear's face was just priceless (and the scream that went with it was equally so)!

External Image
Little Luke! He's just so cute!

Finally, Asch's face isn't covered up. About time. It already showed it in the opening, so the fact they had been covering it was kinda annoying.

12 more hours to go

Hi all. :D Just wanted to say, I finally got around to doing ONE of the pictures I had in that list back there. Seriously. Only one. Gah. I'll finish the rest some other time. In other words--I'm procrastinating again.

It's almost midnight. I'm pulling an all-nighter so I don't sleep through Tales of the Abyss in 12 hours (ep 6, Desert Rain). That would be the WORST. Especially since I do believe they're going to show Asch's face this episode thanks to a certain plot twist and I wanna see Luke's face when that happens. I still need to check out the other anime playing this season. Hehe. Oops. I just keep forgetting to watch them when they air.

Oh yeah, and my toe is definitely infected. That's all.

I suck--haha

I didn't start any of those pictures I mentioned last post. I did, however...draw something completely different. I suck. Haha. Probably shouldn't have done that, but I needed to do something without the pressure of worrying whether someone will like it.

So...has anyone been checking out any of the new anime airing in Japan this season? I've really only watched Tales of the Abyss on Saturdays and was wondering if any of the other shows were worth checking out.

I'm supposed to go to Pensacola later...I know it's like, 1:31 am right now, but I can't sleep. I hate it when this happens. (Darn my nocturnal nature) Doesn't help that I think my toe is infected. DX Gah, it hurts. But enough about that...someone please make me stop listening to Nana Mizuki~

(This world went down quite a bit in ranking due to my lack of updating. It's 561/7329 now, but the other one I have went up to 51/7329)

Sorta Busy, Sorta Not

Reason for the title is...I'm really supposed to be working on several fanarts for people. (One of them was promised about a year ago, so that can't be good)

Let's see...I'm supposed to be drawing...

  • Yggdrasill from Tales of Symphonia trying to read Pronyma's handwriting (the person who wanted it said they always thought she'd have bad handwriting for some reason)
  • Tear Grants from Tales of the Abyss (yeah...Melons *snicker*...I don't know if I'll be able to)
  • The whole party from Tales of Vesperia (but there's another melons chick in it! And she wears less clothes than anyone I've tried!)
  • Someone recently asked if I could do Judith from Vesperia (the aforementioned melons chick)...Dunno if I'll ever do that. Good thing is, I never really accepted this one.
  • Naja from World Destruction
  • And then I gotta do a collaboration with my friend Ashley, but we can't ever decide on what to do (for some reason, I have a feeling she's going to make me draw it and she's going to color it...)

And no, I'm not taking any more requests at the moment...

World Rankings

TheOtaku put up a ranking for the Worlds that are up. No telling what factors went into it, but I think it's a neat little addition.

This World, for instance, has a ranking of 281/7184 (wonder why), and my other, slightly more Tales obsessed World has a ranking of 75/7184.

I need more original titles for my Worlds, I think. I mean, my Worlds have boring names. Nobody would click them if they saw them. Hm...but I'm not good at that kind of thing. So...while I'm killing my brain trying to be creative, I'll let you guys go. See ya next post!