Hi-ya. Cutepresea here, the resident Tales series addict. I'll just post whatever here at ridiculously slow rates. Yep.

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Anyone who knows me knows I have this weird obsession with voice actors, whether they be English speaking, or Japanese, or whatever. Ignore that if I slip into that on here.

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Congrats to Nachtigal

...For being briefly shown in the opening montage at Sony's e3 conference and being more noticeable than one of the main characters. Because he's so important. Pffffft.

*screen taken from the game's opening instead of the montage

Milla was shown for a really short amount of time. Really short. I didn't notice her until I paused it.
External Image
*screen taken from montage video


Thought this was interesting

It's an old article from back in 1995 talking about Tales of Phantasia...which didn't get released in English in any form until the Gameboy Advance version 11 years later. Yep.
I never really bought or read game magazines until I was a bit older (I turned 7 in '95, okay), so I didn't see this stuff back then. Old game articles are always fun for me. :3
Photo by Saku
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Question for the Tales fans

You guys know how I do big release day posts for English releases now, right?
I mean, I did one for Graces f and already have one prepared for Xillia, anyway...
Should I also do them for ports like the upcoming PS3 port of Symphonia/ToS: Dawn of the New World?
It'd pretty much be a post on two games that we already got, but I'm somewhat tempted.

Okay, Tales Fans

There's still a bit less than four hours to go until the stream, but I'm making preparations already:

  • I have Twitter up tracking tweets about Tales Festival.
  • I have some blogs run by people attending the Festival pulled up.
  • I have the page for the stream and a backup stream up. The backup is in case something like last year happens. You know, how the server couldn't handle everyone being on Tales Channel+ at once so a bunch of us got shut out of the Xillia 2 announcement.
  • I have some windows of MS Paint open for the sake of pasting screencaps.
  • I have the TalesFes post open for easy access when it comes to editing it, plus another tab with a new post open in case I need to make one.

...Outside of the stream stuff, since that was first done last year, this is actually what I do every year during the Festival. Yep.
I'm making sure I don't miss a thing. :3
Edit: 20 minutes. Let's do this thing.

Dear Namdai

If I could get larger versions of
External Image
without looking like it got dumped in toxic waste, and
External Image
with the PEGI 16 rating instead of the 12 guess that was on there before, that would be swell.
Edit: Got that one
Would also like updated versions of the Collector's Edition picture and the Day One Edition picture that reflect the ratings. Well, there's already a European Collector's Edition pic with the actual rating, but it's not big enough.
Edit: Never mind for the European Collector's and Day One editions. Got those.

Also, is there really any reason that "3D Compatible" logo is on the NA boxart? :/
I know they're not actually reading this, but whatever.