Hi-ya, cutepresea here, the resident Tales series addict. I'll just post whatever here at ridiculously slow rates. Yep.

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Anyone who knows me knows I have this weird obsession with voice actors, whether they be English speaking, or Japanese, or whatever. Ignore that if I slip into that on here.

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So here's a TalesxFate/Zero poster for Awa Odori

External Image
Now let's see who can actually name everyone.
Aaaand go!

Speaking of cute things...

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From here.
Excuse me while I go die again.

What am I doing guys?

Seriously, this soon after that last post?
Better start inking. Should hopefully have it colored by tonight.

Klonoa, why you so cute?

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Excuse me while I go die (and then go play the games again).
Is the design supposed to be like some kind of mixture between his 1 and 2 clothes with a red shirt or what? Still adorable though.

Yo Shikata

Announce a longer version of this song so I can throw all my money at you.

I can only loop the version on the bonus CD so many times. D: