Okay soooo this world is for EVERYONE!!! I want everyone to put up their favorite anime couple or couples! XD They could be fan fiction couples Btw~! ;3 It could be in a video or a picture, just post it up and tell me why you like them!! Remember this world is for everyone so even if the couple is from the same anime, but different pairing or same couple but different reason 4 pairing! Don't be a afraid to put it up!! Just Pm, or leave me a comment when you wanna post a couple and i'll add you to the list!! ^^

Merry Christmas

Just wishin all yall out there a happy (early) christmas!! Hope you all have fun!

Armin and Anne

Okay might I just say Anne is so sexy and I love her most beast chick ever! I love misaka too but she's just so obsessed with erin and I hate him! So anyway this new couple is one of my favs so I thought might as well post it!

Not a lot of fanart of them hmmm....

Aoba and Ko

Cute couple and a must watch Anime :D
External Image

External Image

Byakuya Hisana

Beautiful but a tragic couple...
External Image
And i didnt find many good fanart with them, so will do one during my vacation :D

Happy V-day!

Just wishin all ya'll a happy Valentines Day!!!!