Welcome to Chinatown! During your visit, be sure to stop by Count D's pet shop, where love and dreams are sold in the form of mythical creatures- but not without a catch. The buyer must adhere to a set of rules, which if broken, may result in death...or worse.

Our Motto:
If you do not adress to each point into your contract, then this store cannot be held responsible for the consequences of the owner and/or the pet...

Onwer of Shop: Count D

Username/Pet Owners/Pets/Rank:

Bonez15/Jesse/Mike the Panther/Leader
DeidaraNarutoClan/Taro/Ari-chan the spider/Co-leader
SandLover13/Alla/Dangerous, Diana, and Death the Cerberus/Treasurer
wolfdemonchild9/Nikkie/Dizzy the Albino Lion/Secretary

Rules of this Shop:
1.) Follow the rules or face the HORROR! >XD

2.) Two words: NO SPAMMING!!!

3.) Your Pet Owner OC shall be either your already created charcter or you can make-up one. I do not want you playing as someone from the anime/manga

4.) Your exotic pet's human appearence must be:

  • A famous celebrity who died
  • A family member of your OC that died
  • A friend that died
  • ETC.

Thank you and have fun!^^


Cerberus Flashback^^

I'll do Dangerous's point of view of the situation during when Mike and Taro are talking to Count D.

It's great to be free and alive! It's not everyday that my sisters and I get to go outside and play. But our owner, Count D, wouldn't let us. It wasn't our fault that we were born huge and strong. Oh, I forgot to introduce myself and my sisters.

I'm Dangerous, the head girl in the middle. Even though I have a deep, huge voice, I'm pretty clever. My sister to the right of me is Diana. She is mostly very tough, but not as smart as I am. The one to the left is Death. She's quiet, depressed, and mysterious, but she has a good heart out of the three of us. We are a Dark Blue Cerberus. You will always find us in our human forms; 50-foot tall, one body, three heads, red dress, claws, dog ears and tail, red eyes, dark blue hair, and a big a**-_-' How we came to be?

Well, we were born in the Underworld by our first master Hades. We were sick and disabled, so Hades sold us to a man-girl named Count D. At first D didn't know how big we will become, but it didn't matter to him. He loved us and took care of us. No, he didn't spoil us like what that girl Jess does to her pets. It was our nature to grow huge. I remember the day that we were huge. I remembered it like it was yesterday...

We were exactly 5'3" in our human forms when we first met our only friend: Ari-chan. It was October 31st. Count D wanted to celebrate the holiday by getting a spider. He got it imported two months ago. We sat on a pillow with our rag-like dress and we were waiting for the spider to show up. Just then D came in with a mother and a little boy dressed like a pumpkin.

"Awww, look at the boy. He's so cute!" Death cooed. Diana and I followed. We loved little kids. While the mother was talking about buying us, the little boy turned to us and smiled innocently.

"Doggy! :D (Awww, this is so cute) I don't like chocolate, so here you go!" He put a bag load of only chocolates near our feet. We didn't know what candy was, so my sisters and I ate every single bit of candy in that bag. It tasted good, but we got a stomach ache.

"Ummm, Dangerous? O_o" Death got scared when she noticed that we were growing bigger and bigger. The mother got scared, grabbed her son, and ran. D, drinking tea and having cake, didn't know what was going on until a big crash destroyed the pet shop. During the growth spurt, our clothing got so small, it broke and we sat there with a bloating issue, naked. Well, Count D had to move and build a bigger petshop at China Town after that Halloween. He felt it was best to put me in a cage where I wouldn't cause any trouble. Sure, it had warmth and pillows, but it wasn't freedom.

"I know this might hurt you, but I'm not going to let this happen to you again. I promise^^" D reassured us. But I was worried.

"Why did we have to grow? Why!?" Diana slammed the bars and, to my suprise, actually cried! Suddenly, we saw a little girl, about 3 years old in human years, with 8 arms holding a red dress.

"Excuse me, miss?" She had a cute, quiet voice, "I saw what happened and it's so sad that I weaved this dress for you so you can be warm. My name is Ari-chan." We just stared at her and smiled a bit. Over the next few days, Ari-chan, being small, visited us whenever she can. We knew that there's a 99.99% chance that we won't have an owner, but we had all the time in the world. One night though, Ari-chan came back but was as tall as we were.

"Ari-chan, how did you get so big?" I asked.

"Well, if I don't eat mice daily, I grow big and eat everything I feel.^^" She said that as if it was no big deal.

"But what did you ate? Not a human, right?" Death worried.

"No, I ate some metal and some cats. Count D told me the metal things are called "cars" and "buses" and "trains". I got a stomach ache after that... Count D said I can sleep with you^^" Like that, the cage opened and Ari-chan went inside. Once she went in, she bumped her head on one of the bars.

"Sorry. I can't see well and I can't feel any vibrations here, so it's hard to move around." She explained. Diana couldn't take it anymore.

"Why did you do all those crazy things!?" Diana yelled. Ari-chan kept her smile, warm and bright, "Because I wanted to give you a hug and sleep with you. I want us to be friends."

"Friends?" My sisters and I asked together. We never had a real friend before. We gave Ari-chan a hug and cried. Some of our tears went into her eyes, and for the first and probably the last time, she would actually see.

"Of course. I like you. And I really see you. You are so pretty^^." I hugged Ari-chan harder, "Now can you let go of me?" We let go and we slept. In the morning, Ari-chan was back to her normal size and she was blind again. But my sisters and I will never forget the day that we had a friend.


On the Run

"You ate my owner?!" Mike snapped at the woman.

"Apparently we did..." Dangerous replied and tasted it, "what we ate was really sweet..."

"Why'd you eat Jessy?" I asked.

"Don't blame us... It's the cat's fault for avoiding getting eaten," they replied.

"I resent that!" Mike said.

"Can you please let Jessy out?" I begged.

They thought for a second and then answered, "No... sorry, we've got stuff to get done before we're captured again."

Then they ran off with Jess in their stomach. I looked at Mike. "You had to be a playa didn't you?"


"I thought you would've figured that out by the smell..." I replied, "Each animal has their own unique scent for their own species."

Mike groaned, "Just forget it and let's get Jesse..."

"And I thought rabbits couldn't keep it in their pants..." I joked sarcastically.


Mike, Ari-chan, and I then went to the Count's shop to tell him about the situation and hopefully get some help with getting Jess out. But once we got close to the shop, we saw the entire place was wrecked. After we saw the scene, we rushed inside and found him and Q-chan trying to sweep up the place. "What happened here?" Mike asked.

D sighed, "Oh dear... well she escaped again..."

"Who escaped?" I asked.

"One of the pets, nothing to worry about..." he smiled.

"I think it is something to worry about if Jesse is involved," Mike said.

-Please continue-

wolfdemonchild9's OCs

Yay! We have a new member! :D

Name: Nikkie Higurashi
Age: 13
Gender: female
Hair: silver with blood red streaks
Eyes: pinkish purple
Personality: hyper, Gothic, bi-polar, helpful
History: Nikkie was a usually happy and hyper girl until her father Milo died. She learned about Count D's pet shop from reading one of her fathers note's. She would usually stop by the pet shop to see if Count D would need any help with the animals and sometimes kept a few calm. She became very attached to this one white lion. D gave her the lion as a gift and to see if it would possibly stop her little emo moments.
Rank: ??? *shrugs*

Name: Dizzy
Animal: albino lion
Gender: male
Looks like: Nikkie's Father. Silver colored hair, pale skin, tall,
Animal features: lion ears, tail, and eyes
Personality: quiet, kind, a bit protective of Nikkie, playful
Rules: 1) don't let too many people near him. 2) keep him calm at all times. 3) Don't take him to Chemistry
What happens with you/owner breaks them: He will get very irritated. He will go into a frenzy and hurt and/or kill anything in sight. He'll try and drink the chemicals and will turn back into his animal form or die

Wow. A lion is so cool! Love it!


Dog and Cat

~out of Jess's POV and across from the city~

While Jess and Taro settled their problems over pie, Count D had problems of his own. One of his lazy assistants had forgot to close a gigantic metal cage. D knew that if the animal was out, it would cause havoc and destruction. To make it worse, the animal was born a giant. He needed help fast and he had to get his previous customers Taro and Jess to help him. Also he need an owner for this kind of vicious creature. But who?

~Mike's POV~

During my emo moment, a hot sexy girl who was 2 feet bigger than me was looking at me. I decided to come to her.

"Hello sweet thang!" I smiled at her, "What are you doing by yourself?" She turned at me and growled. Her three heads didn't scare me. Her dark blue hair and red eyes didn't scare me. Her big size and a** didn't scare me. But the fact that she was a dog REALLY scared me!

"Tasty... little.. cat..." She growled. On her collar, there were three names. Dangerous (The middle head), Diana (Left head), and Death (Right head). Either the writer wanted to put puns in the names or this girl was bad news for me. I screeched and meowed and hissed. She tried to cut me open, but I dodged and ran toward where Jess was. The cerberus followed. I hid behind the cafe that selled pies. Dangerous ran and ate the first thing that went to her mouth. She thought she ate me, but looked around and found me hiding. Taro looked around after just going to the bathroom and finishing his pie.

"Jess, where are you?" Taro asked. I then knew what happened. The cerberus girl ate my owner!

~Cate, please continue...


SandLover13's Profile

I know this is my other account, but I don't have that much club members, so this will have to do...-_-'

Pet Owner

Name: Alla Mapone (XD an "Al Capopne" type character)
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark Green
Personality: Boastful, agressive, likes little kids
History: Wants to be a cool gangster but was in jail for drunk driving. Count D bails him out and gives him a pet in hopes of changing him. Plus D wants to tame the pet who might destroy the city.
Rank: Treasurer of the Club


Name: Dangerous, Diana, and Death
Animal: Dark Blue Cerberus (Doberman)
Gender: Female
Looks like: A hot, giant sexy girl with a dark red dress on. Has three heads, each having dark blue hair and red eyes
Animal features: Dog ears, dog tail, claws, and a studded diamond collar
Personality: Seductive, agressive, tough, would have a soft side rarely
Rules: 1.) Don't give her chocolate 2.) Don't let a feline touch her 3.) Always kiss her
What happens with you/owner breaks them: She will be bloating and won't stop eating, she would chase the cat and destroy the city, she might feel unloved and will bite you

I hope this might bring more people in...