this is my world where i post randome cosplay i found on the net...none of

thease ppl are me

i get most my picks from photobucket or i google for them....

also i try and post only the best cosplays i find !!!


western cosplay

song: oh the drama

this video is defending the fact that we westrns can cosplay too. because some one on youtube said that only asians could and ofcores theres is often better.and by us trying to cosplay we are rasist ...but we arnt.

When people like something, they want to look like it. When westerners cosplay, we're not trying to make fun of Asians! Not by a long shot! We aren't trying to be racist either! No no no no no! Not at all! You guys have the wrong idea. When we cosplay, it means we find your anime amazing. We find it so fascinating, and want to try and look like it. Now, of course Japanese cosplay is better, but that's because people in Japan can just walk to like a cosplay shop and purchase it then and there. In America, anime cosplay is like. . .hard to find in shops, it's like mega rare besides Akatsuki cloaks. We have to ORDER it, and wait WEEKS for it to come in. We don't even know how it's going to fit, even if we sent out measurements in. We have no idea how the material's going to feel, or look in real life. We just buy it because it's there. WE DO NOT MAKE FUN OF ASIANS, AND WE AREN'T TRYING TO BE RACIST. WE JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN AND LOOK LIKE ANIME CHARACTERS BECAUSE THEY'RE COOL. Why would we want to be racist to the people who made the anime we like so much?! & ALSO! You aren't the creator of the anime yourself, and if you were I don't think you'd be telling us to stop cosplaying! You have no right to do so unless you're the creator! "[the maker of this vid]

Euphemia cosplay

Euphemia was an awesome character in code geass to bad she had to die so fast i found most of these picks on google search ...

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Euphemia cosplaypart 2

here is the link to the first part ...

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c.c cosplasy picks

i just recently finished code geass online and in celebration im posting cosplay picks that i found XD to bad their are so many i cant post them all in one post so first im going to start off by posting c.c picks and post the rest on other d...

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