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Female!Prussia - Hetalia/Nyotalia :D

External Image

Fem!Prussia from Nyotalia/Hetalia
I'm not wearing makeup, so you can see my icky skin and stuff xD
The only think I still need to do is cut the bangs and order the tall white boots c:
Pretty excited to wear this to a convention next month xD


Matryoshka!Teto cosplay :D

External Image

Note that I took this after a long day of convention-ing xD
So the makeup is kind of icky, and i look like poopie xD

I did the entire outfit the night before a convention, and I didn't have time yet to do big barrel curls with the hair yet xD
I'll be doing it before AAC though, so I'll posy pictures when it's done c:
So yeah. Teto. Matryoshka version~
The bottom of the outfit has timberland boots with a heel, pink and black striped stockings, a red plaid pleated miniskirt over a slightly longer pink plaid ruffled skirt
Then black stretchy capri things under the skirts
and of course I had a bunch of bracelets and necklaces and other accessories for the hair, but I took them off in the car on my way home xD
then I remembered to take a picture xD


Ran out of materials...

Well I managed to make my hakama, but I ran out for yardage for the top. I meant to get more last time I was in Fairbanks but somehow I forgot. I haven't got a picture yet, but I did wear it to the local Fair back in July. I just wore my blue yukata under it.

I don't think I have enough cloth for Sabriela's Gin outfit, I'll need to get more.

Connecticon - CielxAlois <3

I brought my Trap!Ciel cosplay out again xD
and my face always looks sooooo derpy in pictures xD
I am the one in pink (Ciel)
and the one in purple/white is my friend Vanessa (Alois)
We're both cool kids who like to dress up as shota boys who dress up as girls.
Think about that one <3

Series- Kuroshitsuji
Characters- Ciel/Alois
Cosplayers- Riska/Vanessa
Location- Connecticon 2011
Photographer- Kait


AM I 12 YEARS OLD YET? (pic included lol)

External Image

Finally got around to cutting my Ciel wig xD
Not sure why I make the face
but yeah
Taken with phone
No makeup
and my eyebrows are.. invisible? xD

"Yo homie.
I ain't no 12 year old shota
But i got dis wig
ya her?"
^can has ghetto? xD