Welcome to my cosplay world~
I've been cosplaying for about 7-8 years now. My first cosplay ever made for the sake of cosplaying was Lenne from Final Fantasy X-2. I had meant for it to be Yuna, but my hair was still long when I finished it, so Lenne was my first. I used to be obsessed with cosplaying and cranked them out one right after another. But I don't have as much time to work on them like I used to, and I've found that as I get better, I get pickier. And as I get pickier, I start to spend more money on a single cosplay to make it how I want it to be. So I haven't been able to afford doing five or six cosplays a year like I started out. Nowadays I'm lucky to do two or three. lol But I want to aim to get better at cosplaying and really get back into it, since I kind of fell out of making cosplays for a couple years. Looking forward to starting it up again!

Alice preview

I just need to make one more alternation in the back and my Alice cosplay should be finished! ^u^ I tried it all on together finally, and also got to test the makeup since the super palette I ordered arrived. <3

Teapot Cannon progress

This has been one loooong process. I used a trick or treat basket as the base, then sewed cross-stitching sheets together for the frame. Then a circle was cut through the front for the 'eye', and wires were attached for the frame of the handle and spout. Then the whole thing was covered in paperclay and sanded. The designs were cut from foamie sheets and hot glued in place. They're mostly going to be used as a pattern for placing more paperclay overtop them and making the final designs.

So many cosplays, so little time

Currently working on Alice (Madness Returns), Future Rin Kagamine (Project Diva F), and Reika Kuze (Fatal Frame III). And I'm trying to get them all done for OhayoCon in January. ^^; After OhayoCon I'm going to make Lenne from Final Fantasy X-2, then remake my Misa cosplay from Death Note. <3

Starting on Aerith~

Starting on Aerith from Final Fantasy VII! I'm doing the game version of her. So far I only have the bracelets and wig completed, but I have the materials for nearly everything else! ^u^

Undertaker's hat finished

It's been so long since I've worked on a cosplay, I'm so happy to have another one now! ^^ So this is Undertaker's hat from Kuroshitsuji. It started as a cheap top hat from ebay, then I added a plastic cross-stitching sheet around it to make it taller, then sewed a fabric cover for it and covered the whole hat. I also had to hot glue some foamie strips inside to make it fit better since the hat was much too big for my head. I'm still trying to decide whether or not to put wire in the tail. I could give it that twisted shape, but I'm afraid it would be a bit too heavy then. I'll probably leave it as it is.