Cosplay Tips for Beginners

Hello one and all reading this~ The first real post of this world will consist of the topic written in the title. Here goes!

Suppose you want to start cosplaying, or you have already started and trying to improve your costumes. Here are some tips that could help you along:

Starter cosplay tips:
These tips are for the people who want to cosplay regularly dressed characters with no armor or custom crafted clothes.

  • avoid your own hair for exotic hair styles or coloring

    A question might be, why? Well, for starters, hair styles. You see a hairstyle and you think you can do that on your own hair with some hair spray or wax. I say from experience that it doesn't always work. There are different hair types, products, and you have to take into account time and weather conditions as well. You might get it perfect, then a humid weather ruins it. Coloring! If you really want to keep that color for yourself afterwards, go for it. But just for a cosplay, it's not worth it. First of all, exotic colors cost a lot to get right. A wig on the other hand can be styled with water-resistant glue or spray, and at the end of the day you can just take it off or re-use it some other day

  • if necessary, use contacts

    Contacts can make a huge difference to a costume! Mainly because people will look at your face a lot, and the more details you put in, the greater it is. Cosmetic contacts aren't very expensive and can be easily used by anyone. Just be careful with your hygiene when putting them on ;)

  • when going for casually dressed characters, try to find clothing and accessories as close to the picture as possible

    You might think little details don't matter, but they do. If you modify a bit here, a bit there, a bit some other place, you might end up with half a new design that people will find hard to recognize. Be as loyal to the model as possible and you have guaranteed success!

  • use make-up

    Most of the times when cosplaying anime characters, using make-up for your face is a must. Look at make-up tutorials for your character of choice and try your best! If you're cosplaying a character that doesn't necessarily need eyeshadow or the like, skin products can help you get a cleaner finish

  • last but not least, take good photos! XD

    Any cosplay has to have pictures to remember it by! Good pictures can take the most out of the costume, so if you know a photographer, call them over. Most of the times they will accept your request.

With these being said, good luck!

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