Welcome to ‘Fiction’

Feel free to not read anything here, these are mostly for my own enjoyment, and I expect no reaction from anyone else. These will be largely unfinished works of fiction that have little to no hope of ever being finished. So if you do read anything don’t get your hopes up.

This is a really strong PG 13 story. A FrostIron.

Okay, so this is about as bad as the movie "My Super Ex-Girlfriend", if anyone remembers it, and it had that sex sense that was just like "how did this get a PG-13 rating?" I'm not posting this on FFN because it's not finished and really most like...

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Tarmish Chapter two part one

I'm really sorry for the history lesson your about to get in this one... “Tarmish, I know you’re upset. But really it isn’t about you.” Raven was walking behind him. He stopped to look up at her; she was about...

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Tarmish Chapter one.

This is indeed all of chapter one. It's short I know, but I'll have more (maybe) next time. Tarmish sat in the chair as best as his snake like body would allow. The Child Queen sat at the head of the table with Raven at her side, the two wh...

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It's old and bad

The raven haired man slide inside the glass doors soundlessly, he felt very lucky his young lover slept so soundly. He closed the door behind him with a soft click; he had left his boots out on the balcony, and stripped himself down to his underg...

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What shit is this you ask? I say onto you, it is the start and forever unfinished of and epic gay vampire love story. I shit you not. I couldn’t think with his breath ghosting over...

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