Corrupt Literature <--- That would be the Proboards Link <33

Corrupt Literature takes place in Victorian era London, where a small amount of creatures roam the streets, battling for survival. These creatures include:

  • Humans
  • Angels
  • Demons
  • Vampires
  • Werewolves
  • Reapers

You may choose ONE of these creatures and comment on the post below with your application forms!


Evelyn - Human - UltimateNejiFanG

Allister Darkh - Demon - Risa Kuo

Xavier Rowley - Angel (Fallen) - itachiluver101

Seifer C. Russel - Reaper - Silverraven

Elezia Aizele - Human (Magi) - MagicRinger


Since the board has been somewhat dead as of late, I've decided to hold a contest~~ Draw your character, of a bunch of characters to advertise the club! Non-Members can enter this contest as well, you can go to the proboards, decide who you want to draw, and draw them~! ^^ I hope everybody has fun with this!

July 13th - That gives you ONE MONTH


  • No stealing or tracing, this is a very basic rule. You may use a refrence, but be sure to give credit to its owner!!
  • Please PLEASE try to submit your work by the deadline, I'll stretch the deadline if you honestly need it for something important, but otherwise please try to get it in on time.
  • PM myself once you have submitted your entry, or tag it with "corrupted literature"
  • Be sure to label who is who either in your picture or in the artist comments
  • You can submit up to TWO entries, but I will pick the one that will give you the better score!

1st- Any form of submission of your choice, that includes fan art, wallpapers, fanwords (I'll post them in my fanfiction world), fancommics, and e-cards (you get two if you win first place)
2nd-Either One Wallpaper or Two E-cards
3rd Place- One Wallpaper
4th Place- Two E-Cards

So everyone, have fun with this!!!!


Evelyn and Seifer~
(I didnt try very hard on this one, but I encourage that you give this contest your all!)

Application Form

If you wish to join Corrupt Literature, Here is the format for the aplication form-






Short Backround-

Comment here or send me a PM with your application forms~!!