My wishlist.

Dear Santa!
It would be great if you could draw me something like that:

1. I'm the fan of FinalFantasyXIII, especially of Hope or Lightning. Art with that characters would be great!

2. I love psychedelic pictures, with lots of details and so on.

3. one of my favourite anime is Mushishi, art with it's characters would also be great.

I'm looking forward to seeing your masterpiece!


I need to pass my exams. I have to pass them. I must pass them! Wrooooi!!
maybe when I pass them, I'll make something new and post it, who knows=)
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Not again

I'm ill. Again. Fucking great. I'm so tired of everything, want something fresh,new,exciting, but... this is all that I've got, even if it sounds so awful. It's my life. Yeah.


I haven't been here for ages, it's a disaster - i've lost my password and can't use my prevous account. Yes. My first name was Erin13 =) I'll post some fan-art a bit later! See ya!