Song comic contest

This may be just a simple reminding for some of you guys but others it might be a new contest!

I'm having a contest!!!! YAHS ^_^ Anyway the contest is you have to make a comic that goes with a song. Like in the comic for panels you have parts of the song. Like stuff that relates with the song. It can be your own charters or ones from anime/manga which ever you want(maybe even both!)! Please don't make the comic inappropriate and same with lyrics except you are not writing the song you are using an existing song. Anyway Yah you have a while for the due date it ends on July 20th. Here are the rules
1: What i said before
2: Tell me when your entering and if your quitting
3: not really a rule but a reminder every month i will remind you. Don't wait till the last min just cause you have so much time
4: Don't ignore my PMs. If we aren't already friends then there is no doubt its about the contest.
5: No stealing artwork
6: Be nice to your opponents
Any questions Pm me!
See ya!!! Btw i won't judge the comments by how much i like the song.

And here are the prizes
1st: 3 art requests (Keep it appropriate) and you and your favorite anime charter together in your favorite song (appropriate as well)
2nd: 1 art request and you and your favorite anime charter together picture (friend or couple)
3rd: 1 art request