His Precious Gift

(Try to guess what he’s looking for)

He wandered around in the sand. His eyes missed nothing as he scanned it. Where was it? He dropped it around the area. Where? Where? Where? It was frustrating. Not only cause of the sand, but because it was always night. Sure the moon gave light, but it wasn’t enough to find the missing Item. His feet kicked sand in anger. His frustration intensified greatly. It had to be here. This was where he dropped it. It couldn’t have moved, there was no wind strong enough tonight. Suddenly, in a moment of utter annoyance, something shined in the corner of his eye. He turned to face it. Could it be? He bent down. Please let it be. It wasn’t. His sigh was heavy and frustrated. Why was there a butter knife in the sand. Really. A butter knife. Those idiots must have been throwing it at each other. They had serious issues, but right now his was a little more important. The item he lost, was very important. If it got in the wrong hands, there’s no telling what could happen. Maybe somebody else grabbed it? That wouldn’t be good. Only he was allowed to keep possession of it. The sand was kicked once more as he took off.
Inside, he sat on his bed. It was huge and spacious, but tonight, it was the center of his rage. The first person that entered the room, of course after knocking, was thrown to the bed. Then, they were hit with a pillow, that should’ve been soft, but it wasn’t by the way he was hitting his victim. After that person left, another came but this time, was thrown to the wall. They were thrown so hard, they went thru it. To make matters worse for that poor guy, he had to fix it right then and there. That wasn’t easy. After he was done, and left as fast as he could, he sat on his bed again and fell back on his battered pillow. Eventually, he went to sleep but was uneasy the entire time. He hoped his item was safe. If it wasn’t, there would be hell to pay.
He woke up early and took off outside again. He didn’t hold a meeting. He didn’t get after the two fighting idiots in the hall. No. he went outside because, he was sure, he dropped it on the very spot he was looking last. Like yesterday, he was kicking the sand, finding butter knives and sighing with frustration. This item was not replaceable. It was the only one of it’s kind. Anything was possible with it. When he held it, it was like nothing he had ever held onto in his life. It was perfection. But it can’t be that right now because it wasn’t in his hand. He was getting madder every minute he spent looking. Half the day had gone by and yet he still hadn’t found anything. So he rested. He sat down and tried to relax, hoping nothing would kill his concentration. To late, someone did.

Found it?

“Lord Aizen?” Curious.
“What?” Annoyed.
“What are you doing?” Two seconds away from laughing.
“Nothing Grimmjow. Go away…” Really angry now.

“Okay. I was just wondering if you wanted this…thing, but I’ll throw it.” Calmly starts walking away.

“What thing!?!” Jumps up.
“……This.” About ready to almost laugh again.
“Where did you find this Grimmjow?” A little bit of anger in his voice.
“At the entrance to the palace. Why?” Very close to laughing now.
“Give that to me.” Snatches it forcefully.
Now he’s laughing. He’s laughing hard.
“What are you laughing about?” Curious.
“Nothing.” Stops laughing. “Okay, it’s just, if you’ve been out here since yesterday looking for this thing than, what’s not to laugh about!” Laughing so hard he started crying.

“Is that so. Maybe you’ll find it funny when Kaname cuts off another arm.” Says calmly but with aggression.

“…….Fine. (you suck)” Thinks he should die already.
“What did you mumble?” With a smirk on his face.
“Nothing!” Pissed off now.


He finally had it back. It was perfect still. No damages, no scratches. Nothing. He proceeded back to his room with a smile on his face. Never had he been so happy. Tonight, there was no pillow or wall abuse. The two other abused victims made there way to his room but were not harmed. They didn’t say anything about it. However, they laughed quietly after seeing what they saw and hearing what Grimmjow told them. He didn’t notice any of it though. He was to busy admiring his prized possession. Finally, it was back in his hands. Safe and no longer in danger. The moon shined on it, making it appear even more precious. He sat on his bed, fell back on his pillow, and went to sleep with his newly found item in his hand. Such pleasant dreams were had that night.

“Aizen.” Shakes him lightly.
“………” Still asleep.

“Aizen. Wake up. You were suppose to hold a meeting today.” Lightly shakes again.

“One minute……” Covers head with blanket.
“Hmm…” Grabs the pillow. “Wake up!” Slams the pillow on his head.

“Ah! What is it Gin!?!” Fully awake by pillow that shouldn’t have hurt.
“Oh. I see you found it.” Points to IT.

“Yeah. I found it.” Stresses HE found it.

“….Okay. Well, Just reminding you that you have an Espada meeting today. Everyone’s waiting.” Pats his shoulder with encouragement.

“Okay, I’m coming.” Gets up.

“Uh, Don’t take your friend there, or you’ll lose it again.” Points to it again.

“Sure, whatever.” Puts it on the bed.

The meeting went weird. Everyone looked at him funny. Grimmjow looked like he wanted to laugh. Szayel WAS laughing. Ulquiorra…expressionless as always so who knows. Halibel gave him that, “I can’t believe you look. Nnioritorra was smiling and laughing. Stark fell asleep after saying, “I want one of those too.” Barragon just stared at him. Leroux just asked if he gave it some amour. What did that mean? Aarionero….who knows. Yammy was the loudest one laughing. Either way, it was weird for him. Nothing was in the tea. He didn’t think anyone ate anything funny. Wait. Grimmjow. He was too calm even if he was two seconds away from laughing. Everything was clear. Wait again. Where was Kaname? He looked at Grimmjow who looked at him as well. He told everyone about IT.

“Grimmjow. I need to talk to you in private. Now!” Angry.
“Okay Lord Aizen.” Now laughing.
“What did you tell everyone!?!” Really pissed now.

“Nothing, just….” Laughing again. “Just how you can’t live without your cutesy wittle teddy bear named Mr. Hugs.” Kept laughing.

“How do you know his name damnit!?!” Extremely pissed off.
“He has Id….HAHAHAHA!!!!” Laughs so hard, he’s crying again.
“And Kaname?” Calms down as best he can.

“Oh, Szayel put him in a closet. We observed that little move from humans in school. Except, we don’t have lockers.” Laughing calms down.

“You are to stay in your room Grimmjow. You aren’t coming out until I think you’re ready!!!” Says with authority.

“Okay dad!!! Authority didn’t mean anything.