Been a While

So yeah...I think I might have forgotten about this. Oops. Well I'm back hopefully and I came back with a new drawing I did of Sackboy!!! Yaaaa! Bought Little Big Planet 2 and beat it!!! I love Sackboy. So adorable! Anyways, I've been putting my styff up on deviantart cause who knows. It's wierd forgetting about this. I hate forgetting things. Sorry if that's random. I didn't call this place random coolness service for nothing! Oh I'm also on twitter! Yaaaa!!! I follow Ryan Bader and Jake Shields and Dana White!!! Love Shields and Bader....They're so.........good! Ahem, anyways, onward to a diffrent subject. I got a artstudio for the wii! it's awewsome! I love it!........I love alot of things...That's awesome. So I wrote a new story that I, take a guess, put up on deviantart. I think I really love that place too...Yup! Well the story's pretty cool! Maybe a little wiers. It was from a dream of mine...with Aizen. It's set in Hueco Mundo! It was fun to write and it's kind of an old story. I found out in this notebook of mine from like freshmen year. Makes me feel young! It was like I said a dream of mine! Lucky for me I wrote most of it down, or at least what I could remember! Well, yeah. It feels good to be putting a new entry in here! I don't like to be gone long periods but I'm 18 and I graduated already so being gone is normal I guess. Gotta find a job cause I do hate being stuck in the house forever. Just want time to be able to put new entries and do other good stuff! I'll find a good job then afterwards I'll find some college and goo to school. That should be fun too, I hope. I';; probably play the quite game again. That's been going well for me so far! Gets me whatever I want...mwahahaha (totaly evil!) Okay, I'm officialy wierd well, if ever in need of help on whatever, be it personal or non personal, I'll be glad to help. I like helping, it's nice and it makes me feel great so yeah, I end here. Laters!
My new drawing! Little Big Street! Featuring Sackboy!!!