About Halo my OC and her story with Sephiroth

So about my OC Halo. Well first, I didn't name her after the game. Second, she is a represantaion of me in personality, not appearance. Okay, now, moving on. Halo's favorite color(s) is pink and blue! She LOVES butterflies and Sephiroth!(I made her for Sephiroth by the way!) Oh, and roses. Her weapons are two swords one is a katana (even though it doesn't look like one) and the other is a blade with a pink handle. (the other swords handle is a dark blue)Most of the time, however, she will just use her healing powers.Halo is a very sickly type. As a result she always appears pale. Once in a while her color will come back to her.
Halo loves dresses and skirts! Most of the time she wears blue jeans cause it keeps her warm when she's sick. When she isn't sick, she wears skirts. On important occasions, she wears a dress. You will always see her with a new one. They are always light colors.(pink, blue white, etc.)
Halo tends to blush alot because she's always thinking about Sephiroth. Now, as for her personality, she is shy. Shy beyond belief! Despite being shy though, when people talk to her she responds. That's when they find out she is nicedt person ever. When her friends are in danger of any sorts, she gets extremly aggresive. If she ever sees anyone else crying, it will make her cry too. She does her best to comfort those in need and sometimes says what she's thinking out loud.
I have a veeeeeeeeeeery long story about Halo and Sephiroth. I'm not going to attempt to type all of it. I will, however, write/type about Halo and Sephiroth!(Short stories) Oh, and the pendant Halo is wearing, was given to her by Sephiroth. He always, in my story, gives her a rose. They met while Sephiroth was on a mission. He was told to get rid of a rogue warrior who was killing people for the heck of it. When he sees Halo kill some guy, he thinks she's the killer. So he goes over to kill her but she blocks his attack. After a bit of lengthy chat, Halo tells him the guy he was looking for is now dead. Sephiroth asks her where he is and she points to the guy she just killed. He looks back at her, but she collapses due to a high fever. Sephiroth catches her, and takes her back to Shinra. To make things short, he origanally wanted to just nurse her back to full health but after spending time with her, he gets attached to her and gets permission to have her stay with him. Then they fall in love aaaaaaaand....yeah. On her 24th birthday, he gave her the pendant, which is a oval shaped diamond with the word "love" engraved on it. He also had a two layer chocolate cake made for her. (Halo loves chocolate cake!) They did get into a sword fight at one time, and, after almost killing each other, made a vow that they would never fight again.
Halo is a very strong fighter. She is able to withstand attacks from Sephiroth and do damage to him in there fight. Her speed isn't that great but makes up for it with good hearing and sight, making her able to detect when and where the enemy will appear. Halo is a very good healer and good with all schools of magic. All her magic is colorful, which is why like using it. If she is ever near death, like when she fought Sephiroth, she combines all her magic and inputs it into her blade. (not the katana) After it hits just once (which the result can be devistating), it shatters and a phoenix looking type bird forms from all the magic. It will heal Halo and anyone else if she chooses to heal anyone else. However, it has a fault. After healing, if Halo or whoever else was healed by the magic, is struck by the very sword the phoenix came out of, it will result in an automatic death. Thankfully, Halo knew that!
So, that should be about it with Halo. I do have a drawong of her so I'll put that up. I'll put up two versions, one here and one that wont be here! So I hope you enjoyed learning about Halo I might do something like this again, but for my other OC, Kitty. (she has no features that remind me of a cat) Probably not, it depends. For now you learnes about Halo. Oh and the idea for the name came from a picture of angels I saw once. It was a very beautiful picture! So I'll end here and I hope you enjoy!
This is Halo by the way!