Merry Christmas Halo

On a regular day, Halo always got eight hours of sleep and a full breakfast whenever she woke up. However, after Thanksgiving, things start to get complicated. First, make a list of all the people to give gifts to. The list, or the extremely huge migraine, changed sometimes. You lose a friend, you gain a friend, you get a new boyfriend, your cousin decides to hate you, or the best one this year, two men who say they love you more than the other. That, right there, was a huge problem. It’s not worth losing sleep over. It’s not worth stressing over either. At the same time, though, it was nice knowing two guys found you attractive. The problem had to be solved, however. After all, you can’t have two boyfriends. Right? In any case, Halo would still get both of them a gift out of politeness.

The month is December. Gifts were bought and things were thrown across the room. Every time one man visited, it was always when the other came. It’s like they knew when each other were on there way. So it would probably help if these men were introduced already. The first man was beautiful in everyway. He had silver hair, green, feline eyes and pale, porcelain skin. His name was Sephiroth. The other man, Aizen, was different. He had more color to his skin, brown eyes and brown hair that was slicked back. Both of these men were gorgeous in there own ways. They were also very different in telling Halo they loved her. Sephiroth came over once in a while, thinking if he came to often it would push her away. He always made sure to bring her flowers because she loved them. After presenting Halo with these blooming wonders, he offered help, if any was needed, if not they would talk to each other. The next step was always to kiss. That’s when Aizen decides to knock on the door. Knowing it’s him, Sephiroth opens the door. Halo then sees the brown haired man smirk and Sephiroth one second away from punching him. Of course, Halo had to stop the two of them from causing a scene. This normally ended with Sephiroth leaving, Aizen coming in, and Halo throwing something. After the poor item is thrown, Aizen settles her down, rubbing her shoulders and sitting her down on the couch. He would then hug her while saying, “I love you.” It was horrifying for Halo. Both men always cared for her with great love but knew something wasn’t right with one of them. Which one, she didn’t know?

It’s now December 14th, and she just needed two more gifts for, you guessed it, Aizen and Sephiroth. Recently, Aizen took Halo on a date consisting of food and a festive light show. When Sephiroth heard about it through a friend, he was furious stating, “That man is out to get me!” and “He could never love her like I do!.” He never did anything to retaliate. Instead, he decided to give Halo space so she wouldn’t be so overwhelmed. Today, Aizen went over to see her. As she opened the door, she noticed he had a gift in his hand. Things just got worst. Halo saw gift giving from him coming. That wasn’t the problem. The problem was worse than just a simple gift. What the problem was, was that the man with the gift in his hand went down on one knee and grabbed her hand. The instant Aizen proposed, she looked up and saw Sephiroth. He just looked at her not knowing what to do or say. Frozen fit his stance. Aizen sighed and got up. A simple, “Thanks for making this difficult.” slipped from his mouth. He walked up to Halo and gave her a kiss. Not being able to tolerate it anymore, Sephiroth grabbed Aizen and threw him across the yard of the girl’s home. They each pulled out there swords, immediately attacking each other. People came out of there homes watching as the battle took place in there neighborhood. Halo stood at her door, once again horrified.

The two men battled it out fiercely. Sephiroth made deep wounds on Aizen’s body. Each wound got worst with every new slash. He simply smirked and attacked the silver haired man with vicious attacks of his own. Aizen, at one point, threw his sword at Sephiroth, as if it were a spear. He found it annoyed the other man greatly. Then he did it. Kyouka Suigetsu. It threw Sephiroth off badly and Aizen got in some horrible shots to Sephiroth’s body. Halo couldn’t take it anymore. She grabbed the box Aizen had from the ground and threw at both of them. Tears welled up in her eyes. With all her range she yelled, “Leave, both of you!” She slammed her door and never came out the rest of the day. Aizen and Sephiroth looked at the door. They never once seen Halo so upset. It was weird. All the rage they had a moment ago was overtaken with guilt. It happened so fast, the two men were still trying to register it in there minds. “I’m leaving. I did enough unnecessary damage,” Sephiroth said softly and proceeded off quietly. Brown eyes were now fixated on the other man. He couldn’t believed he was walking away. So in that very instant, he attacked the green eyed man. Cold steel ran right through Sephiroth’s beautiful porcelain skin. The body was going limp and eventually fell to the ground. Aizen took his sword out and bent next to his victim turning him over to see his face. “If you love her, you would’ve killed me,” said the brown eyed man. Sephiroth looked at the man staring into his eyes intently and put his hand around his throat. He simply told him, “If you loved her, then you would’ve left her home like she said.”