Intro to next story

So I was able to come up with a story just by looking at my christmas tree. You'll also notice items mentioned like a teddy bear, flowers, a vase, and gifts. It was a little difficult to write cause I haven't written a story like this in really long time. So writing it then typing it drained me badly. Yes, I write before I type unless I'm on my laptop already! So this story is a bit of an odd crossover. It has two characters that I never thought I'd see in a dream, but I did....straaaaange. So anyways, the two men's names you'll see in this story are Sosuke Aizen and Sephiroth. Oh and the grand premier of my OC, Halo. She is a representation of me in every way except her appearance. In this story, however, she isn't like how I would normally write her. In other words, her personality isn't how it usually is. The crying part of her rarely comes out but in this story, she cries a little more often than what I usually write. So yeah, eventually, I will get a drawing of her up. Until then, I'll see about posting something up that talks about her. So here is my newest story titled, "Merry Christmas Halo." It is finally finished! Oh and when I wrote this I didn't think it threw that much, I just wrote in the moment so if it seems like it's lacking anything, I'm sorry in advance. Other than that, I think it came out great! So I hope y'all enjoy!