Welcome to Axel's Cookbook, fellow chef!

If you enjoy cooking, or simply want to learn, this is the place to pick up recipes. The recipes in this world are easy enough for beginners to try and are very tasty.

All our recipes are in special themed sections, so they are easy to find without having to trawl through hundreds of randomly places recipes.

We hope you enjoy these culinary creations and have fun making them!

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Snacks are fine if eaten as part of a healthy diet and can be made by you. They taste even yummier if custom made, so why not try our recipes! If you have any questions, feel free to comment stating the name of the dish you are querying....

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We all have a sweet tooth at some point in our lives, so what better way to tell the sugar demons to shut the hell up than to make a delicious dessert? ------------------------- Axel's Flan (Creme Cara...

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Fish and Seafood

Fish and Seafood Glug, glug, glub. Some of us like it, some hate it. But, I bet I could get even the haters to enjoy seafood with these simple and tasty recipes. ...

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'Need To Know' Recipes

'Need To Know' Recipes This is a list of all the basic recipes you will need to create your own, fresh ingredients to use in the actual recipes listed. For examp...

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Cakes and Cookies

For those with a sweet tooth... We all love a slice of cake, or a bite of a hot, fresh cookie. So why not make your own. You will be surprised at how delicious these recipes are, not to mention how easy. If you have any questions, fe...

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