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Current Conventions:

Sakura-Con 2013

  • Date: March 29-31
  • Location: Washington State Convention and Trade Center

Sakura-Con's programming can be found here.

Sakura con 2014: Let's do this!

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Alrighty! I can't wait for the con to start on day zero tomorrow! Since Saturday April 19th at 3:30 seems to work for everyone, 3:30
It will be!

Again here is the map below! I can't wait to see you all there! (Shin will there be cards against humanity again?)

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Sakura Con 2014: Better Late Than Never!

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Hello! Japan here! SomeGuy is busy with cosplay workshop right now so here I am posting in his stead. Sorry for taking so long to make this post but as the title says, better late than never!

For those of us that are coming for the first time, here is a little recap from previous years. We've always met up in this location in the map below: (First floor entrance in the lounge area.)

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We always have fun. There are games, sometimes prizes and of course the annual video! So who will be coming? When do you want to meet up? Comment with your ideas. Once we agree with a time and day I or SomeGuy will be making another post with the official time for the meeting. I'm excited for this weekend and I hope to see a lot of you there!

A Good Day To Sakura-Con

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This post is mostly redundant.

Alright, so let's recap for our Sakura-Con meetup:

  • When: Saturday, March 30
  • What Time: 12:00pm
  • Where: The good ol' couches by the front entrance

For those of you new to this rodeo, the good ol' couches/chairs by the front entrance are here on the ground floor of the convention center:

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I'm gonna bring some toys and prizes for something I haven't figured out yet. If there's anything in particular you guys want the others to do for prizes, feel free to bring things as well.

Other than that, I think we're pretty set. Should be fun.

See you guys in Seattle!

Sakura-Con 2013: With A Vengeance

There is no pretense here. Let's all just assume we all know why we're here.

theOtaku.com is going to be at Sakura-Con for our annual meetup in Seattle, Washington again this year, and we happily invite you all to come hang out with us!

Games, giveaways, stories, pictures, terrible terrible YouTube videos... all this and more!

At the suggestion of Japan!Laura, I'm tentatively putting our annual Sakura-Con meetup on Saturday, March 30th at 12:00pm. Would that sparkle with everyone else? If not, tell us when you're free and let's see what we can figure out!

Hope to see you all there!

Sakura-Con 2012: Finalized!

Okay, I think we're set!

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theOtaku's Sakura-Con 2012 meetup shall be Saturday, April 7th at 12:30pm. The location, as always, will be the

It's not really an exact time, and I figure folks can just start gravitating their way to the good ol' couches by the front entrance whenever they can.

Further, longtime meetup veteran chibimaster has thrown an idea into my head. She mentioned she was going to bring some dvds to give away as well - I think I like this idea. If anyone has any spare stuff they'd like to gift or award to anyone during the meetup, feel free to bring anything you no longer feel you need - as someone who just cleaned out his entire apartment for a move, I can appreciate this sentiment.

The best incentive for bringing things to give away? Your swag, your game! Consider it revenge for all the embarrassing questions and Canadian trivia you folks have had to put up with over the years! You know you wanna...

Punch and pie. Maybe.

See you guys there!

EDIT: Oh! One more question about the convention center from you more local types!

Is there any means for internet/wi-fi in the convention center? If not, would we have any brave individuals willing to commit some data? I had an idea to open up a chat window so people could chill with us at least in some fashion or another. Just spitballin'.