Ha! Now that I got your attention; No? Didn't think so. Relax I will not be filling your minds with such things as what brand of toilet paper leaves less tissue crumbs on your ass, I just needed a way to weird out the weirdos (I think I ment weed out).........................................................
"Quick change the subject!"
"OK, you got it!"

Time to bore you with everything that is me:

Name? Jaron Jay Rice Burrows....hows that sound....no? call me what ever the hell you want.
Age? 16
Likes horse back riding on the beach, at sun set, while Margaritavilleplays magically in the background...I like my computer.
Dislikes you, them and they; worry not, We can still be friends. I also hate horses for some reason.

Currently NOT reading: Twilight (Oops, I ment to put that under my dislikes).

Favorite anime: Cowboy Bebop, Desert Punk, Wolfs Rain, Bleach

Hobbies are, being on the computer, unconstrutive critism, drawing, some other things, and being vague.

Inconclusion, I'm rather sarcastic.

Secret Santa Wishlist

I'm not very picky when it comes to drawings, so I'd suggest you just do what you do best; however, I realize some people might need a little inspiration, sooo...

I'm a huge Doctor Who fan. I don't mind if you draw the Doctor (any of them or all of them, your preferance), the TARDIS, or even an Ood, becuase everyone loves an Ood.

If your not of fan of that, feel free to draw an OC of yours, or whatever else you normally draw. I would suggest (highly encourage) you make a joke out of it. I'm a big fan of sarcasm and dark comedy, so go ahead and try to make me laugh. As long as its funny, you can't go wrong.

And if comedy isn't your thing, just draw me a christmas chicken (roasted, broiled, perched atop a building with a sniper rifle, totally your call).

I'm really not picky, just do your best, and I'll appreciate you forever.

Merry Holidays,


Where Were You Manufactured Mitt Romney

There's only one explanation for all that is Mitt Romney: he is obviously a robot built in a last ditch effort to destroy John Connor. While that sits just fine with me (especially after that piece of shit with Christian Bale), it does bring up the question of where exactly he was built.

My guess?


So please, before you hand over our country to the machines, stop to consider this very real issue. Do you want to die in a country run by a foreign good? I know I don't.

Be an American and ask the question: "Where were you manufactured Mitt Romney, where?"

New Years Eve

okay so i was doing random things and somehow the topic of the New harry Potter movie popped up and the fact that they have split into two parts. At first i thought, well thats good, they're taking the time to get everything in, becuase i know how rushed the other movies were, and how they left out things due to time contraints. Then frustration crept in: Well damn, I'm gonna have to wait another whole year to watch the second half. This reaction was followed closely by anger: I'm going to have to pay for a second ticket. Then realization: they only did it to making more fucking money. They're not concerned about doing it right (well, maybe partly they are, but the decision was not made soley or even primarially for that reason)...I'm just pissed I have to wait another year. >:0


Okay, I know I said I'd never do anything blogish (did i make that clear, I'm not sure?) but might life sucks, I'm bored, and i do not want to study for my midterms (Calculus is a bitch). My birthday is no where near nigh, which is quite maddening; being sixteen is a pain in the ass. I need not expand on that comment, it speaks for itself. Midterms suck too, but I do okay: B's and C's Woo! I'm a good student!

School sucks when you're a good student; while all the other people have fun not payihg attention, you miss out becuase you're busy taking down notes. the result? you are severly behind in all forms of socialization. What? a woods party? tch I'm so in! what? it was yesterday? Kraaaaaaaaaaaap!

I'm an only child, and i don't know what to get my mom for Christmas. She's a 47, single, dialysis tech, whose faovrite color is cyan. She likes pinapple and House M.D. (she thinks Hughe Laurie is the shiz and has "jazzy eyes")She doesn't cook, and she's too impatient to sit down and read a book...not really the best to work with. If i had a sibling, things would be a lot easier: I could dump the job on them. Suggestions would be great (by the way, she already has the House seasons on DVD)

I've never had a dog...or a pet...but a boy without a dog, really? how pathetic is that? Maybe i should get my mom (and when i say my mom i mean me) a dog. What types of dogs are good to have? Where the hell am i going to get a dog?....can you bye a dog off ebay?

My love life is zero. I haven't had any since birth. Another reason why i hate being sixteen.

this a waste of bandwidth.

don't read this

i fully apologize

no i don't.



I really don't have anything to put on this world; I just thought it was a clever title, and, as demonstrated above, I'm not normally good at titles, so I thought, "might as well share my genius with the world." :P