My life is a lie.

Welcome to my "Fan World".
Where I shall "nerd"
About my favourite Animes and such...
You can view my list of favourite Animes in
My other world of more "official" matters.
Mostly AMV's/Pictures
Are to be viewed in this world.
By the by... my nickname is actually Con,
Short for Conerdo.
And I am indeed a male...
Of bisexual sexual orientation ;]

Music Indulgence

Adieu for now,
My loyal "subjects"

P.S. I like using Air Quotes.

I live to Con.


Dear Journal,

November is such a depressing month... I want to question its existence... where would I go to do this? Because... I'd like it to be erased from this planet, if possible. And dear GOD I hope it's possible.

Sincerely, Conerdo Obsidian

My life is a Lie.

I've decided to start out posts like you've seen above... you get my general thoughts for the day... [In this case... the entire bloody month] in a small paragraph. But, there really isn't a point to this post... so... I think I'll take me leave at this moment...

External Image
Drocell Cainz, a personal favourite of mine.

Adieu, Mon Amis.

I live to Con.