This is my confession.

Hey. Welcome to my World

A Sinful Confession

Where this sick,
Twisted mind will do what it pleases.
The name for this world came about while making a wallpaper,
And it seemed to suit me quite well.
I'm rather harsh, to give you fair warning,
Along with being brutally honest,
Quick witted,
And overall
Dreadfully Morbid.
[Hence the name]
I'm sorry if you find me unpleasant,
But I really don't care if I'm liked or not.
I've always been that sort of person,
And will continue to be "that sort of person"
Until someone gives me good enough reason not to be.

Music Indulgence

If nothing...
I hope you find my world...
In the least.

My Sinful Confession.

My Anime List

This is my confession. I'm never going to get tired of that beginning. Heh. But yes, my Anime lis...

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Something to say

This is my confession.

I'm going to make one thing clear.
Just because I'm this twisted soul
Doesn't mean that I like those gore out Animes.
In fact,
I HATE them.
Leave the gore out of Anime,
It's distracting.
Which is why I prefer Animes that screw with your mind,
With equally twisted characters.
No stereotyping.
Well... adieu.

Music Indulgence

My Sinful Confession