malwear problems

i need to know is there any XP users (windows xp) there is malwear that can cause the blue screen of death its bad error (cant spell the right word for it) it causes windows not to funcition good i think in order to get rid of it is to i think to reinstall the XP you have which if you have the recovery disc you can get done with in a copule of hours and update it everything if you backed up your data you can restore the computer back to the point before the massive error occurd on your computer it only affects XP users ONLY as with vista, windows 7 not too sure about it belive me malwear is something you DONT WANT ON YOUR COMPUTER our desktop managed to recover from a virus attack which was caused by a winspyware protect <--------- an attack that tells you to get its softwear DONT GET IT ITS A VIRUS it pesters one account on your computer if you have more than one the best way to get rid of it is to update your computer and reinstall your operating system or install spybot search and destroy and its free to download even from its site i have it on my acer labtop and i saw its site its good to have belive me after you update it run a scan belive me it will help you if you run scan after the update belive updates to the spybot or any other products that help get rid of problems on the computer will help you if you get the virus that says you have to get its softwear dont if you can get into taskmanager and get rid of the process then you can get an anti virus that will get rid of the problem then your good but if you cant get into task manager reinstall the opering system if you have a better way drop a comment saying the way you think its right and i will put in here or in a new post with your name so you will get credit for it if you want


heres a tip from me to you if your computer says it found a virus and it brings you to an online scan DONT DOWNLOAD ITS ANTI VIRUS ITS A VIRUS IF YOU DO THAT do this shut your internets current session down entirely THAT MEANS EVERYTHING GOES WITH THE CURRENT SESSION restart the internet and you are fine if you got send me a message as soon as you can and i can tell you how to get rid of it. it may cost you a flash drive if its the only way to restore you computer to its organial state its a risk you have to take i can give you steps on how you can get rid of it so yeah i can help out with computers if you have problems let me know and i can help to the best of my ability