Selena the Bar-Hopper

This is a little skit that I made with Selena for this OC Poll & Countdown in order to show off a more talkative side.
To make it short and sweet I'll write the dialogue in play format

I call it "Selena the Bar-Hopper" and it will lead into another skit that will include more characters, enjoy!

Selena the Bar Hopper

Characters: Selena Singleton, Walter
Setting: The Phantom Chaser, a large starship that holds both a colony and a large regiment of battleships

The time is 1934 and after a rather lax day of work, Selena decides to go down to "Shifty's Sports Bar" on the Center Deck. Lately she's been tinkering with some new Gears and wants to share it with Walter, the bartender.

With her flight suit rolled down and tied above the waist, she steps into Shifty's with the Gears in one hand and some tools in the other and darts straight towards the bar on the west wing, completely dismissing the various televisions and pool tables on the east wing
She slumps onto the center stool before lifting a finger to signal Walter.

Walter walks over with a towel over his shoulder:

Walter: "(huff) Why are you always bringing shit into my place of work, Singleton?"

Selena: "To see the wonderful reaction you give--" *slams gears onto table*
"Rum or Scotch...Surprise me."

Walter: "A toast to Selena Singleton, a functioning alcoholic."

Selena: *Puts on a laughing smile* "I take offense to that, Walt!"

Walter: "You're in here at least 3 times a week! And that's without a big job." *Slides a tumbler of alcohol to her*

Selena: "There's not much else to do here anyway." *Puts the drink on a coaster* "Besides, I can't even remember the last time I was drunk." *Tosses it back*

Walter: "The Heisel Job, 3 months ago."

Selena: "I needed a drink after all the crazy things we saw out there! To this day we still can't find out where those weapons came from, and how that one man could afford them all." *Tinkers with the gears w/o looking at Walt*

Walter: "You need a hobby...One that's not on this floating city."

Selena: "Hence, why I'm here. Hit me again."

Walter: "Or a pet, or a sport...or a boyfriend." *Pours another glass for her*

Selena: "Or the name of a good bar in this new Sector I'm hitting up next week." *Points to a map*

Walter: "Oh, you're hanging out there, huh? Here...Find a guy who goes by the name T.D.E, I hear he knows a place with some drinks that'll knock your socks off!"

Selena: "T.D.E, huh? You're a gem, Walter."

Walter: "So, what's the gadget?"

Selena: "In a few days it could be either a cylinder for an engine that I'm working on...Or a nice timepiece." *Continues messing with the Gear*

Walter: "Interesting. So what's the mission that takes you out there?"

Selena:"I don't know yet, Katty hasn't spilled anything to me. I'm wondering if I'm in trouble again."

Walter: "Really? Maybe it's a super special mission, then."

Selena: "I doubt it. At the very least I know that I have to go in tomorrow afternoon then I leave the day after. For what it is, I don't know?"

Walter: "Are you going to try to pluck her last nerve before you go out in a blaze of glory?"

Selena: "Oh, you know me so well." *Finishes another glass* "Yeah, I've got my 3 for now. See you around, Walt." *Places money into Walter's chest pocket*

Walter: (sarcastically) "Oh, what am I going to do without your tab and your tips? I might as well file bankruptcy now."

Selena: "And I'm not even tipsy...See you later, Walt." *Picks up her Gears and departs*


I also have a Fan Art posted to help support this work, and since it won't show up on here I'll toss the LINK right here and you can enjoy.

Expect to see more of Selena and soon more of my other characters in later works.