Trent the Monkey

Your Username: Shom

First Name: Trent

Type of Animal: Monkey

What They Look Like In Animal Form: Like a normal monkey with the same clothing as usual on.

Age: 19

Birth date: January Fifth

Eye Color(s): Blue

Gender: Male

Hair Style/Color: Brown, Spiked Back

Full Outfit: Goggles, Backpack, Shirt, Blue Jeans, Bracelete

Tails, Ears, Claws, Tattoos, Piercings, Distinguishing Marks, etc?: Has fur on his feet, shoulders, hands, ect.

Weapon: Martial Arts

Personality: Very charismatic, but a bit lacking in self confidence. Attempts to be optimistic about things but usually fails.

Height/*Weight: 5 foot 10 inches. 120 Pounds.

Interests, Dislikes, Fears, etc.: Dislikes: Being alone. Interests: Cooking, Climbing, Reading. Fears: Being alone in the Dark.

Past: Trent never made the trip to Harmony. Thanks to heavy amounts of shaving and being a great liar, he could stay amongst the humans safely. A human he used to think of as his friend gave him away though. He had to work as a servant for that same man. After several months he finally snapped. He left the man he once thought to be his friend dead in his house, taking whatever he thought would help. For this the government sentenced Trent to death.

Family: He's been out of contact with his family for a couple of years now. Last time he saw them they were still alive. He was an only child.

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A friend of mine wanted to join new rp, and decided he should just join CF so he can nag me if it dies again. Anywho, welcome to CF, Shom!