Your Username: YamiHita, call me Hita

First Name: Willow

*Last Name: none

*Nickname: Will

Type of Animal(s): British Columbian Wolf and Tasmanian devil

What They Look Like In Animal Form: The body of a wolf. Her formerly light gray fur has become black over most of her body. She's still gray around her facial feachers, on her chest, and near the bottom of her legs. Her tall is now shorter than it should be. There are three scars over her right eye that clearly came from claws. She has white streaks on her chest and the back near her tail. Her claws are long for a wolf and her ears are positioned and shaped like the Tasmanian devil's.

Age: 31

Birthdate: 4/7

Eye Color(s): aqua blue

Gender: female

Hair Style/Color: long gray hair that looks like the tips have been died black. Usually it's in pigtails.

Full Outfit: a pink tee-shirt, a black jacket, black cargo pants with pink bands around it and tops on her pockets, black and pink tennis shoes with pink lasses.

Tails, Ears, Claws, Tattoos, Piercings, Distinguishing Marks, etc?: a black wolf paw print is tattooed on her right cheek as she was still only a wolf when she was first marked as a halfer. A black collar like band has been tattooed around her neck; this was done after she had become two different animals. She has three scars over her right eye.

*Weapon: her now extremely violent instincts, her teeth, and her claws

Personality: She is a little violent and aggressive. She now seems to like to fight. She only shows her true kind personality to those she's closer to.

Height/*Weight: 6'7"

Interests, Dislikes, Fears, etc.: Interests: Fighting, Family
Dislikes: humans, death, weapons
Fears: humans, hunters, scientists

Past: She lived with her parents and younger brothers with in a wolf pack until she was 11. The wolf pack was attacked by hunters and she and her parents were taken. They were sold to the highest bidder witch turned out to be a lab studying halfbreeds. The three of them were separated and put in cages. After they were taken to the lab they were torch red as part of the experiments. After only three years her father died as she watched from her cage. Two years after that her mother died before she eyes. Threw some metrical she survived her years in the lab and had lived tell halfers needed owners. The same as all the halfers in the lab that were still one animal she was marked on her cheek. When they made her part Tasmanian devil she was marked around the neck as the others in the lab. When the lab no longer found her a good subject she was again sold. By some shred of luck she ended up with the family who had taken Shadow in.

*Relationships/Crush: none

Family: Ice, Shadow, Star (dead mom), Gray (dead dad)

Reference Picture?: none

*Etc.: none