A Crossover! Part 2

About that time a bigger kid walked over to where we were, “Well lookie there, Rac-creep found himself a friend.” The kid said looking at the boy. I guess I was right on what his eyes reminded me of, a raccoon. The raccoon boy just sat quietly and took the bullying. But the kid just went on and on and I finally snapped. I grabbed the bully by the shirt collar and began to rant, “Look, who do you think you are? You have no right to pick on this guy! He’s done nothing but sit there and take all those hurtful things! So you get out of here before I decide I wanna beat you up!” At that point I was bluffing, I just wanted him to leave the raccoon boy alone I didn’t know how to beat someone up. Then I came to an important realization- he was stronger than me. “Why you little!” he grabbed me and forced me against a nearby wall, fist pulled back and ready to break a cheek bone, or worse. I closed my eyes and braced myself for impact when I heard the bully screaming, “HELP! OH PLEASE! DON’T KILL ME! PLEASE!” I opened my eyes only to see the raccoon boy with one hand on his head and another reached out almost pointing at the bully. Then I noticed the bully was being choked by sand.

I put two and two together and realized that raccoon boy must have been controlling the sand and choking the bully. “No! Don’t do that!” I tried to plead with raccoon boy. “If you kill him, you’ll get in trouble!” Raccoon boy must have come to his senses because the sandy grip loosened on the bully long enough for him to run away screaming, “YOU MONSTER! YOU’LL NEVER HAVE ANY FRIENDS!” Raccoon boy looked like he was almost ready to cry, so I walked to his side. “Hey, wanna go buy some ice cream? My treat.” He looked at me with almost disbelief, and then nodded.

After we had bought our ice cream, I tried again at making conversation with him, “So what’s your name?” “Gaara,” he said quietly, but like he was comfortable with me. “That’s a cool name,” I smiled. “My mother gave it to me, before she died,” he said grimly. “Oh, that’s too bad,” I said gently, “my mother died soon after I was born too. I think she may have given me my name too. It’s Asuka by the way.” We sat quietly for a minute or so then I asked another question, “So why is it that everyone calls you a monster?” That was probably not the best question to ask the poor kid, he looked so sad when I said it. Then to my surprise, he answered me, “I have a demon living inside me, and I can’t control it.” That had to be hard for him to live with; I mean he couldn’t help that’s how he was, but still. “Well, I guess we’re both kinda monsters in our own ways huh?” He looked at me almost in shock. Seeing his expression, I smiled and said, “I get teased and picked on all the time for being a half-breed, so I guess we’re not too different after all! Wanna be monster friends together?” I wasn’t sure if he’d like being “monster friends”, but then he smiled. “Sure, monster friends forever!”

I saw that it was getting late and got up from where Gaara and I were sitting. “I have to go, but I had a ton of fun with you today!” He looked up at me with his big blue-green eyes and said, “Please don’t go, I don’t want to be alone again.” I smiled at him and said, “Don’t worry, once people realize what a nice guy you are, you’ll never be alone again.” He blushed from my nice words and got up to walk me to the bus. When we got there, I couldn’t help but notice he still looked really sad. So, I turned to him and looked him in the eyes and gave him a big hug. When I got done I ran on the bus and hung my head out the window yelling, “BYE GAARA! FRIENDS FOREVER!” He smiled and waved back. Alex will be proud of me when I tell him about this tonight!


This image is not mine, but thank you to whoever did it! This image was the inspiration for the creation of the foxcoon!