Welcome to Community Fusion!

(Please Note: This WAS at one point in time a RP, but for reasons, I have closed it. Why would I not just delete the world? Because this rp is filled with memories of my three years on TheOtaku along with all my past and present members. I think it would kill us all to see it all just vanish. It was a fun ride, Community Fusion, and thanks ^^)

Harmony, a place we thought was only in the legends. It was a place where all the half breeds tried to go, to escape the life they lived is, constantly looked down on by the humans. Two years, we looked around the world, we lost some, and gained some, some even gave up along the way believing that such a place didn’t exist. But we made it, we found Harmony. Many of us lived peacefully for a few years, we made lives and were reunited with the ones we thought were lost. All seemed right and in place, until the guardian of Harmony turned up dead.

When we first arrived at the gate of Harmony, we were approached by a beautiful serpent Half Breed. Later, we found she was a god. She was a guardian, one who watched and protected it from those who wished ill on it. We were made aware of what had happened by the god who watched and protected the inside of Harmony. With her dying breath, she sealed the entrance to Harmony.

With this turn of events, we decided to leave, to go back to the human’s world to discover what had become of it. And… What awaited us was a great surprise. Time passes slow in Harmony, while it felt like only a short few years, ten years had passed within the human’s world. Not only that, but all half breeds were forced to be kept by humans. They became nothing more than a servant or pet. Besides that, there were other species. Half breeds who lost their way and became nothing more than a beast, one who mindlessly fights. Cross Breeds, those who were a result of experiments and were a mix of two animals, but just in appearance holding none of the enhanced senses.

All of this… Has become of the Human’s world. Well, there’s no turning back now that the entrance to Harmony was hidden and sealed. All we can do is keep moving forward.

Here's the world where you create your own halfbreed and return to the Human's world after years of a peaceful life in Harmony. Drama, action, and romance, that's what this adventure's all about so don't be afraid to put in a few twists into the mix.

Be sure to post and have fun!


Littlepooch-Leader(Sky Makoto the Cat, Nathan the Black Leopard, Rika Rakesh the Hyena, and Sage Galson the Megalodon.)

XxRaindropsxX-Coleader(Ariel the White Tiger.)

Cair Paravel-Secretary(Lucille Lapin the Rabbit, Rita LeProtto the Border Collie and Eve Royle the White Stag.)

HalfwayVamped-Senior Member(Io the Dragon, Naoki the Lynx, Seth Leavenworth the Dragon.)

GreenLeAfe-Senior Member(Kasumi the Soricid and Tamotsu the Blue Jay.)

Amestar-Senior Member(Abigail the Golden Eagle and Alicia the Snow Leopard.)

Animelover7310-Senior Member(Moon Rakesh the Black Leopard, Luna Rakesh the Snow Leopard, Brooklyn the Lynx and Baffin Island Wolf and Nathan the Black Leopard.)

Balletninja-Senior Member(Jethro the German Shepard.)

ChiyukiChan-Senior Member(Kai Hughes, Ennis Hughes the Human, and Benign Hughes the Field Mouse.)

YamiHita-Senior Member(Shadow Curtis the British Colombian Wolf, Ice the British Colombian Wolf, Kin the Iriomote Cat, Willow the British Columbian Wolf and Tasmanian Devil.)

OnlyAMarionette-Senior Member(Sebastien Charbonneau the Raven and Rhys Hansen the Eastern Brown Snake.)

HanakoAnimeaddict-Senior Member(Claudia Kincaid the Otter, Kari Kincaid the Maine Coon, and Saya the Nene Goose.)

Simplebeast231-(Wesnorth Roley the Titanoboa.)

Kayuki-(Prince Caliber the Red Fox.)

IyamiNaHamusutaa-(Moot the Roborovski Dwarf Hamster.)

Mmmchocolate-(Paloma the Dog.)

Revengeisblood-(Shela the Sheep *suspended*.)

Tutcat-(Raina Blazet the Red Fox.)

Eiri Yuki s Lover-(Alec the Cheetah.)

Shom-(Trent the Monkey.)

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I hope ta see some good posts!


Six Years And Counting

Hello everyone!!!

Well yesterday the CF world turned six years old! Where the heck did the time go? Anyway, I missed posting anything last year but I wanted to post something this year.

I wanted to say thanks again for the memories you gave me in cf, I loved this rp and Sky is still one of my most drawn ocs.

So Sarah (HalfwayVamped), Kirsten (MoonSailor), and I would like to say happy six year anniversary!

Again my offer always stands! If you would like to keep in contact with me just send me a PM! I have facebook, instagram, twitter, tumblr, my phone. At the moment I am on hiatus from DeviantArt so not there at the moment.

Love you all if you happen to see this!


TheO Chat Reunion

So so so so if anyone is around and happens to read this, you should totally show up for theO Chat Reunion thinger:3 I thought it would be fun to go to and I thought it would be even more fun if some old CF members went there too ^.^

Anywho, read about it here. Yeah you. Read this thing. Go on, click it. Stop reading my text and click on it!


PS I feel sorta bad that I haven't done anything with CF in forever. While I know I will never start it back up, I was wondering how many of you have a skype so we could talk/rp .u. If you have one you should add me cause jildjskf

Skype: Lorreta.heron (It'll say "Chi" and my picture will be "kawaii" poop. Not sure how else to describe it xD)


kdljfkd I'll hold another one soon! *runs away* Good night!



Well, lets stop that nonsense. Anywho, here is the time I was thinking :3

Date: Friday, 25, 2013~
Time: 6:00 Central time zone.
Place: TheO chat
Password: harmony



A Little Reunion?

Hey you guys!!

:'3 Long time no see, yeah? I know CF has been closed down for awhile, but I still love this place. So I was talking to Kirsten and we both really miss CF. Sooooo, we were thinking of having a little Reunion for CF and of course the members. Really, I haven't talked to a bunch of you guys in forever and I'm sorry ;-;

Possibly a chatroom meeting?

I hope at least some members will see this post.

Oh, and yes that means ALL members! ^.^ It's fine if you quit and still wanted to show up. I would love to see anyone really.

Poochy (Is it weird for me to say that it's odd for me to be addressed as Poochy? I haven't been on theO in a long time and on DA a lot of people call me Chi... Actually both sound really weird.. Gah.. I feel like people should just call me by my first name..)



Hemm, well I'm sure ya didn't think you would ever see anything here again XD

Anyway, I can't believe I totally forgot! (I guess I was just busy with exams and then my trip.) But happy three years of CF! Haha, I know this isn't an actual rp anymore, but I still wanted to do a little anniversary post :3 *glomps everyone* I do miss you all though ;-; I feel like when CF stopped, I stopped talking to the members in the rp. Sorry! I'll try and talk to everyone more!


PS the anniversary was on the 3rd ^^